Rabbi Dr Zvi Aviner





  Marriage and ADULTERY  









Adam continues to grow in Eden, and he enters puberty,’

for he longs for a spouse, as the verse says:


And YHVH ELoKiM said,
it is not good for Adam to be alone,
I’ll make him a help to match him…


G-d, YHVH ELHM, still appearing as two cherubs holding

Wing touching Wing In “Heavenly Love,”

‘understands’ Adam’s loneliness,

and FORMS for him a bride as it says



And YHVH EloKiM caused a deep sleep

to fall upon Adam, and he slept,
and He took one of his SIDES and

closed up the flesh in its place.


And YHVH ELKM built a woman 

out of the SIDE which He had taken from Adam,
and He brought her to Adam, and Adam said:

This is now a bone from my bones, a flesh of my flesh
she shall be called a Woman for

 she was taken from Man.” (Genesis 2: 21-23)



The Woman, not yet called Eve, was F0RMED

from Adam’s side, tzela as a ‘helper against him.’

The Hebrew word tzela is usually translated as ‘a rib’.

But tzela is the Hebrew term for a side, such as the “side of a building,”

like in the verse: the tzela of the Tabernacle.”

Indeed, the rib comprises the side of Adam’s chest.


The Midrash, however, says that Adam was originally bi-sexual,

and G-d “split” him into a male and a female.


Today we may say that,

Adam, as a male, was made of XY chromosome,

and G-d split it into XX and made the Woman.








2.   Marriage  




Let’s notice that the word “eden” in Hebrew,

refers to a delicate, sensitive sexual relation, as in the verse:

“I am old and yet I have had an edna!” (Genesis 18: 12)

Those words were said by Sarah, as she received her monthly cycle

and was impregnated at the advances age of 90.


No wonder, then, thaht the story of Eden evolves

around sexual relationship and love.


So in Eden, immediately after the Woman was FORMED,

YHVH ELHM introduced Marriage, and at the same verse,

He also introduces ADULTERY, as it says:



Therefore, Man leaves his father 
and his mother,
cleaves to his wife so that they become
 one flesh (Genesis 2:24)


The verse says that “Man cleaves to his wife

and become “One Flesh,

where “one” refers to “The One G-d,” who dwells in the Marriage,

between a man and a woman, so they become a family.


By this verse,

the Torah sanctifies Marriage as a sacred institution,

rather than a social contract between Man and a Woman.

G-d is the “glue” that keeps the Marriage intact.

Hence, if G-d is not present in the Marriage, it would fall apart.





3.    ADULTERY:  

The Seven Forbidden Sexual Relationships



How amazing it is that the same verse that sanctifies Marriage,

G-d also introduces ADULTERY, as it says:


Therefore, Man should (sexually) leave…”
1. “His father” – and his father’s wives (…..Even if she is not your mother)
2. “And his mother…. (And her mother and sisters)
3. “And his sisters …. (From his mother)
4. “And his daughters…
 (And her daughters and so on)
5. “And cleaves to his wife,” … (
Not to someone else’ wife)
6. “So that they become one flesh,” … (No homosexuality)

7: “One flesh,” … (No bestiality)


The verse introduces seven forbidden sexual relationships,

including ADULTERY with someone else’ spouse.


 With this, ADULTERY became relevant to their life in Eden.

Adam and the Woman should henceforth abide by

two Commandments:


 IDOLATRY – by refraining from eating the Forbidden Fruit,

ADULTERY – by refrain from having sexual partner out of their Marriage,

such as the attractive, cunning, Serpent.