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Noahide Seven Commandments Torah classes

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ADULTERY-3/The Smart Adam and his Woman

”And YHVH ELoKiM Commanded on the Adam” (Genesis 2:

1: The Wise Adam

Genesis Chapter One implies, that Adam was made according to a plan: He would be the “Image and Form” that ELoKiM had about him on His Mind (Rashi)
To be that ‘ideal Adam,’ he would have to abide by EloKiM’s Laws and ‘Find face’ in YHVH eyes. He would abide by YHVH ELoKiM’s Oneness.

ELoKiM would not plant MERCY in Adam’s heart. MERCY is not even present in Nature, and ELoKiM had never ‘consulted’ Her to create anything in this world, before making Adam. Adam wouldn’t be able to get MERCY in his heart through the Natural ‘evolution.’

But ELoKiM would prepare a heart in Adam capable of perceiving MERCY, and He would teach Adam and show him to identify Her, invite Her and accept Her into his heart. Only if that happens, Adam would be considered Very Good in ELoKiM eyes. In other words: Only if Adam has escorted the Groom to His Bride, Adam would experience a Very Good Life, and merit seeing the next Day.

ELoKiM then set Himself up, so to speak, to implement His Plan. He would endow Adam with strong Self Consciousness and Free will, a smart Mind and all other talents needed for him to rule over Earth. As it is explicitly said: “And ELoKiM made Adam in His Image,” then He blessed Adam to be fruitful and multiply and ‘rule over.’

Now He was ‘ready’ to prepare Adam’s heart to perceive the Merciful YHVH.

But here was a problem: To perceive MERCY in full, Adam would have to experience Evil firsthand! Otherwise, his concept of MERCY and COMPASSION would remain theoretical! He would have to sin, in order to feel what FORGIVENESS is!
Should ELoKIM expose Adam to a harsh world right away, so that he would experience Evil firsthand?
Should EloKiM place Adam on Earth, exposed to the Angel of Death, so that he would feel right away what MERCY, COMPASSION and FORGIEVENSS are?
Should ELoKiM place Adam on Earth right away, with a prism of YHVH in his heart, to experience the difficulties of Oneness?

To avoid the above, YHVH ELoKIm came to a compromise: They (‘He’) would FORM a virtual Garden bereaved of any Evil, Sorrow or Death, and would place Adam there for a trial.

ELoKIm would endow Adam in Eden with everything needed to rule the place. He would form Adam in His Image, endowing his soul with a strong Self Consciousness, Free Will, Wisdom and the drives to be exalted; like it would have been on earth.

While Adam grows in Eden, ELoKiM would also prepare a room in his heart to perceive MERCY. But since Eden is void of Evil, Adam would lack the full, practical knowledge of ‘Good and Evil,’ of YHVH and what She hates, as long he lives there, in Eden.
Only if Adam sin and looses Eden to live on real Earth, Adam would acquire the firsthand knowledge of Evil: Sorrow and Death. Only when driven out, his awareness of MERCY would become completed. He would know Evil on all levels: Theoretical as well as practical, Daat.

So here we’ve arrived in our story at the point when Adam has been given the Six Commandments, of which he would be challenged by only two. His trial in Eden would be easy to win: only two Commandments to observe: IDOLATRY and ADULTERY. The rest of the Six would remain ‘potential’ on the levels of Chochma and Binah, unless he is driven out to live on Earth.

2: How smart was Adam in Eden?

This we can see from the following:

“And out of the ground YHVH ELoKiM formed
Every beast of the field and every bird of the air,
And He brought it to Adam to see what he would call it.
And whatever Adam called every living creature,
this was its name…”
(Genesis 2:19)

Adam the Homo Sapience, the Wise Man
As we’ve said, the Torah agrees with science that Adam is, first of all, a Homo Sapience. By She says that by this Adam emulates His CREATOR, ELoKiM. (She also says that this would not have been enough to make Adam ‘Very Good.’)

So when the CREATOR brought to this smart Adam all the animals in the Garden of Eden for naming, Adam could give each creature its ‘right name,’ the very name the CREATOR had intended for it.

Naming and categorizing
Naming expresses a certain level of Wisdom. By naming we express our ability to differentiate and categorize concepts and items. Iit refers to our general grasping of a concept without entering into details, in short: our Chochma.
For instance, the first step in Biology is naming species and ‘kingdoms.’ By this we express our general grasping of the differences between the creatures of this world.
Then when we enter physiology and biochemistry of the creatures, we’ve deepened our wisdom into the Binah level.
And when we learn to implement our knowledge of biology into practical usage like medications or establishing industries, we’ve entered the Daat levelof Biology.

In Eden, Adam knew the animals on Chochma and Binah levels
The above helps us to categorize Adam’s Wisdom in Eden as Chochma and Binah, but not yet on the practical Daat level. In fact, with no exposure to diseases or death, why should he entertain any PRACTICAL aspects of knowledge?
We would never have developed technology, had we not faced Evil and Death on Earth!
How true!

Naming ELoKiM
How smart was Adam? Tradition tells us that when he amed all the creatures in Eden, the CREATOR-JUDGE asked: “Adam, what name would you give me?”
And Adam said, “I’ll call you ELoHiM, for you are my JUDGE.”
ELoKiM was pleased, as it says that “and every name that Adam gave on that day was the right one,” the very name that the CREATOR had intended.

Naming YHVH
YHVH then asked: “My wise child Adam, what name would you give me?’

Adam said: “Since you appear late in the Story of CREATION, before the Sabbath, I am afraid that my children would err to think that you are ‘born’ late. I’d therefore tell them that this is not so; that He was, He is and He will be, in short I’ll name you YHVH.”
Indeed, the Acronym YHVH stands for “He was, He is, He will be.”

YHVH was pleased, as it says: “and every name that Adam gave on that day was the right one, the very name that the CREATOR had intended even for Himself.”
But that wasn’t the end of the story.

Naming YHVH ELoKiM
Hearing Adam, ‘YHVH ELoKiM’ asked too: “My son, what name would you give me?”
Adam said: “I’ll call you My FATHER, My KING, for you’ve given me the Six Commandments as advice from a FATHER and a command from a KING. Moreover, you are a KING since you consult each other.”

But Adam continued to grow in Eden. Having a good mind wasn’t enough anymore.

3: Forming the Woman

“And YHVH ELoKiM said,
it is not good that Adam should be alone,
I’ll make him a help to match him…
And YHVH EloKiM caused a deep sleep to fall upon Adam, and he slept,
And He took one of his SIDE and closed up the flesh in its place
And of the SIDE which YHVH EloKiM had taken from Adam
He made a woman and He brought her to Adam.
And Adam said: This is now a bone from my bones, a flesh of my flesh
She shall be called a woman for she was taken from Man” (Genesis 2: 21-23)

Like a growing child, Adam reached a stage where Science and Knowledge of Nature did not satisfy him anymore. His mind entered puberty. His libido turned outside, for a spouse.
Adam wouldn’t be happy alone anymore. He would LONG to a spouse.
His heart would also LONG to the Heavenly Spouse, the heavenly Bride.
His heart opened up to perceive and accept MERCY, COMPASSION and FORGIVENESS.
But this wouldn’t happen by itself.

A woman from his side
YHVH ELoKiM then formed a ‘woman’ from Adam’s side as a ‘helper against him.’
The verse says that she was formed from Adam’s tzela, the Hebrew word for ’side’. indeed, the side of the chest are ribs. But tzela refers to any ‘side,’ like “tzela of the Tabernacle” Numbers) which means the Tabernacle’s wall.

Some say that Adam was originally formed as hermaphrodite, with a body of a female and a male combined, and that the CREATOR split it.
Today we’d have another good explanation: Adam’s genome was XY, which was then split to give a female XX Genome.

Splitting YHVH ELoKiM
One may also say that originally Adam was made like YHVH ELoKIM, two aspects SIDE BY SIDE. Then he was split into two separate parts: a Male and a Female. He would forever LONG to unite again the Groom with the Bride, ELoKiM with YHVH.
By this, the CREATOR opened the door for IDOLATRY to exist. Adam would forever be tempted to seek and long for other, false Brides, the idols to their kind.


With the advent of the ‘woman,’ the ground was set for the introduction of Marriage and its opposite, ADULTERY. For immediately after forming the woman, the Torah says:

“Therefore Man leaves his father
and his mother
and cleaves to his wife
and they become one flesh (Genesis 2:24)

In these words the Torah introduces both MARRIAGE and ADULTERY.

Seven forbidden sexual relationships
The verse mentions seven prohibitions: Man should (sexually) leave
1. “His father” and his father’s wife (even if she is not your mother)
2. “And his mother” (and her mother and sister)
3. And his sisters (from his mother)
4. And his daughters (and grand-daughters)
5. “And cleaves to his wife” (not to someone else’ wife)
6. “So that they become one flesh,” (Marriage is done to produce another flesh. Hence no homosexuality and no bestiality.)
7. “One flesh,” refers to the Holy ONE who is a partner in the marriage and sanctifies it.

Immediately after introducing the woman, the verse also introduces both MARRIAGE and ADULTERY.
Thus Marriage Is a holy institution for all Man. It is not Jewish or confined to any other religion. There is no need for a special ceremony, or special words. In principle, there is no need for clergy.

Marriage is not merely a social contract or a legal arrangement between a male and a female. Marriage is a sacred bond between the couple, with YHVH ELoKiM uniting them. .

Marriage emulates the Heavenly Love and Bond between YHVH and ELoKiM, between the Cherubs.

ADULTERY becomes relevant
By introducing the woman, ADULTERY became relevant to their life Eden.

The Woman is superior
The challenge of ADULTERY was placed in Eden on the ‘woman’ shoulders. Why?
Some say that because she was smarter. Born as the last, she was superior to her male counterpart.
The verse therefore says that she was introduced as Adam’s help, but also as ‘against him.’ his fate was placed in her hands.
Henceforth, the story of Eden focuses on her!


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