ADULTERY-4/Marriage and Adultery


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ADULTERY-4/Marriage and Adultery

”And YHVH ELoKiM Commanded on the Adam” (Genesis 2:

1: The Wise Adam

Last class we left Adam as a 10-13 growing boy whose libido and interest are diverted away from his Parent’s home towards  the outside world.  He swallows books about Science and Nature. We saw how \Adam’s  Parents brought him all the creatures in Eden for naming.  To the Parents’ complete satisfaction, Adam was able to give each creature its ‘right’ name, the very one the CREATOR had intended for it. He even named ELKM and YHVH.

We’ve also noted that Naming is the first step of Wisdom and Science.  Adam at that stage is a wise creature, a Homo Sapience, He knows Right from Wrong, but not yet Good from Evil (Maimonides.) .To know Evil, he would have to eat from the forbidden fruit. .

 So far Sin for Adam is:

(a ) something that severs his  connection to the CREATOR’S lips,

(b) violation of the Heavenly FATHER  Advice

(c) transgression of his FATHER-KING Command

(d) something wrong and not right, something illogical. .

But Adam perception of sin is about to change.



2 : Forming the Woman

As Adm enters ‘puberty’ in Eden, his libido changes. Seeking knowledge about  Nature did not satisfy him anymore.  His heart turns towards  a spouse. He longs for  a spouse, not unlike ELKM who ‘LONGED’ for His Bride, the khalah  when He made Adam (see our IDOLATRY classes.)

Why the emphasis  on longing? For without it, without the sense of longing, Adam would not long for having YHVH in his heart,

His Parents therefore FORMED for him a wife, as it says

“And YHVH ELoKiM said,
it is not good that Adam should be alone,
I’ll make him a help to match him…
And YHVH EloKiM caused a deep sleep to fall upon Adam, and he slept
And He took one of his SIDE and closed up the flesh in its place

And YHVH ELKM built a woman out of the SIDE which He had taken from Adam
And He brought her to Adam
And Adam said: This is now a bone from my bones, a flesh of my flesh
She shall be called a woman for she was taken from Man” (Genesis 2: 21-23)

A woman from his side
The verse says that YHVH ELoKiM formed a ‘woman’ from Adam’s side as a ‘helper against him.’
The Hebrew words for ‘side,’ tzelah, is often mistranslated as ‘a rib’.  indeed, the ‘side’ of the chest are the ribs. But tzela refers to any ‘side’ like  in the verse “the tzela of the Tabernacle” (Numbers) which clearly refers to the Tabernacle’s side or wall.

Some say that Adam was originally formed hermaphrodite, having a body of a female and a male combined. In that case, Adam is a mirror of YHVH ELKM as One.  The CREATOR then split Adam to a female and a male. Today we would prefer another explanation saying  that Adam’s origin genome, XY, was ‘split’ into the female XX In any case we need to remember that Eden was a virtual  Garden prior to living on Earth.

The idea that “the woman” was formed from Adam’s side fits the idea that YHVH ELKM flew sIde-by-side.



With the advent of the ‘woman” by Adam side, the Torah immediately introduces the concepts of Marriage and ADULTERY, as it says:

“Therefore Man leaves his father
and his mother
and cleaves to his wife
and they become one flesh (Genesis 2:24)


“Therefore Man leaves his father and mother, cleaves to his wife and they become One flesh.”  Cleaving to his wife “to become one flesh” infers Marriage, since “One” here also refers to the One CREATOR (Talmud.) By this, the Torah sanctifies Marriage as a holy institution that applies to all mankind.  Marriage is more than a mere social contract between male and a female.

Seven forbidden sexual relationships
Besides Marriage, the same verse also mentions seven sexual prohibitions.

Man should (sexually) leave
1. “His father” and his father’s wife (even if she is not your mother)
2. “And his mother” (and her mother and sister)
3. And his sisters (from his mother)
4. And his daughters (and grand-daughters)
5. “And cleaves to his wife” (not to someone else’ wife)
6. “So that they become one flesh,” (Marriage is performed to produce another flesh. Hence no homosexuality

7.  “One flesh,” no bestiality.

Thus Marriage Is a holy institution for all Mankind. Any man and a woman who enter relationship in order to create a family are considered married in the Torah eyes.  You do not need, in principle, any clergy. .

In entering Marriage, a man and a woman emulate the Heavenly Love and Bond between YHVH and ELoKiM, or between the Cherubs. (Remember, the Golden Cherubs that Moses placed over the Holy Ark had a faces of a boy and a girl looking at each other with Love.)

ADULTERY becomes relevant
Thus with the advent of the woman (not yet called Eve) and the introduction of Marriage, the Torah made  ADULTERY  relevant to their life in Eden.

Henceforth the humans in Eden had to abide by two Commandments: IDOLATRY (obeying their FATHER-KING) and ADULTERY.

As we’ll soon see,

The woman could commit ADULTERY with the Serpent

while Adam could commit sexual perversions with the putative Lilith, the beautiful female counterpart of the male Serpent. 

4: A new level of sin

With the advent of the woman, and marriage,  the concept of Sin  has taken a new level.  Sin is also a betrayal of the CREATOR’S Love for us. Particularly, the betrayal of YHVH’S Love for us.  .

5: The evolution of YHVH perception 

Few notes about our perception of YHVH are in order.

In Genesis Chapter One, ELKM announces a Plan to make an Adam “in our form and our Image.”  Speaking in plural He was addressing (among other entities) the Attribute of Mercy YHVH.   He would make an Adam in “their” Form and Image.  Since the CREATOR does not have a Form and Image, ELKM was speaking about a “form and image”  on  his mind about Adam (Rashi.)  ELKM would make Adam in His Image, and carve out a room in Adam’s heart to accept YHVH in there.  If Adam has done that, he would be judged as the ideal Adam that ELKM had in His mind.

ELKM would not make Adam in YHVH image. Mercy is simply not present in Nature. But ELKM did for Adam something He had never done to any other creature: making Adam capable of perceiving and accepting YHVH.

Adam would have to learn how to accept the Merciful YHVH in his heart. it does not come from nature nor form Evolution.  .

Indeed, the verse in Genesis Chapter One that follows the above does say that “ELKM made Adam in His Image, in the image of ELKM He made him,” emphasizing twice that Adam was made as an image of ELKM.  Indeed, ELKM would not make Adam in the Image of YHVH.  He would not plant MERCY and COMPASSION and  FORGIVENESS in Adam’s heart as a natural reflex.  these features of YHVH are not found in Nature and they are not part of the Natural Evolution. But ELKM would, and did prepare a room in Adam;s heart capable of perceiving YVHH.   It would be up to Adam to recognize YHVH, invite Her into his heart and accept Her Yoke of Kingship on himself.  Had not ELKM did the same, inviting YHVH to dwell in His World? Remember ,the name of ELKM appears 32 times in the story of CREATION, where 32 or Lb means a heart.  The Universe is therefore  the Heart of ELKM, or vice versa.  ELKM only showed Adam how to emulate Him and invite YHVH into his heart, |Adam’s heart.

Thus if Adam has achieved that primordial purpose of his birth, invite YHVH to dwell in his heart,Adam would become that Image and Form that ELKM had about him at our creation.  This ideal Adam would ABIDE BY ELKM’S LAWS AND FINE FACE IN YHVH EYES. In other words, Adam would implement YHVH ELKM’s Oneness.

This is what we’ve learned in our previous classes on IDOLATRY, focusing on Genesis Chapter One, Now we move to the story of Eden in Genesis Chapters 2-4. ,:

The goal to perceive and accept YHVH on us would take three levels of Wisdom. The first two would be theoretical, on the levels  of Chokhma and Binah.  But the third level of practical Knowledge of YHVH , requires also a practical knowledge of Evil, on the level of Daat. .

To appreciate Evil first hand, on the intimate level of Daat, the CREATOR could have placed Adam immediately on Earth.  But with the advent of our MOTHER IN HEAVENS, YHVH, in the Heavenly |Court, the Court decided to give Adam a chance to live in a virtual Garden, where he would not encounter Evil first hand on the Daat Level.  Living in that Garden, Adam would have only a theoretical knowledge of YHVH, on the levels of Chokhma and Binah, but on the level of the practical Daat. This way YHVH offered Adam an opportunity to spare himself of knowing Evil first hand, though his knowledge of Her would be limited too.

Adam was given the chance.  Now let’s see how he messed it up.




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