IDOLATRY-9/ELKM/Adam’s Trial According to Moses

IDOLATRY-9/ELKM/Adam’s Trial According to Moses


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 ”Know your creator, know yourself, and know the difference”“

What was still missing in Adam?

We’ve seen that ELKM made Adam layer by layer by a series of consultations.

He consulted things of the past, mentioned earlier in the Chapter, like the Six Days, His Wisdom,  His Self, consulted them and made Adam.  Adam is a smart Man, the summary of everything created before.

Then ELKM consulted things mentioned later in the Chapter, giving Adam a direction to grow .  Thus He consulted the Passions of Be Fruitful and Rule Over, namely the Sex Drive and the Drive for Power and made Adam’s heart accordingly. They would propel Adam forwards like no other Passion.

But ELKM was not satisfied yet.  He continued to consult other items mentioned later in the Chapter and made Adam’s heart.

Where was He going? What was His goal?

We know that everything ELKM does or create is for a trial.  All the gifts He had given to Adam are precious ones, necessary for our survival. But the same gifts serve the base of our trial, into which we are aborn.

What is, then, our trial? The answer is given at the end of the Chapter. Where else?


 1: Moses’ description of Adam’s creation

So let’s read again the verses describing the creation of Adam:

”And ELKIM said Let the Earth bring forth living creatures to their kinds
Cattle, Creeping things and Beasts of the Earth to their kinds, and it was so
And ELKM saw that it was good.

“And ELKM said: Let Us Make an Adam in our Form and Our Image.

“And ELKM blessed them saying:
They will have dominion over the Fish…over the Birds…over the Cattle… over the entire Earth…
Be fruitful and multiply, filled the Earth and conquer it…

And behold, it was VERY GOOD
And there was evening, and there was morning, the SIXTH DAY” (was over.)

……………………(THE SABBATH BEGINS)……………………….

“And the Heavens and the Earth were FINISHED(Khalah)
And ELoKiM FINISHED all the Work that He has done,
And He ABSTAINED on the SEVENTH DAY from all the work that He had done
And ELoKiM blessed the Seventh Day and He sanctified it…..”

(Genesis 1-31; 2 1-3)



2: The End of Days Comprehensive Judgment

ELKM is a harsh JUDGE, but fair. He wouldn’t place Adam in the trial of his life without telling him the terms  and how to win or loose it.

Adam trial is given, as expected, at the end of our Sixth Day, where it says: (see above)

And behold, it was VERY GOOD
And there was evening, and there was morning, the SIXTH DAY” (was over.)

You readily see how different is our Sixth Day’s trial from all previous trials.

Whereas in all previous trials ELKM  judged just one Day at a time,  at the end of our Sixth Day He will  judge “Everything He had done,” the entire Six Days, from the very Beginning to that futuristic point in time.

Secondly, while in all previous trials ELKM had been satisfied with a ‘good’ edict, at the End of our Sixth Day, which is the End of Time, He would be satisfied only with a Very Good verdict.

Adam is born into a harsher trial.  At the End of our Sixth Day, ELKM will  pass a ‘Comprehensive’ Judgment on the entire Six Floor Building, the entire CREATION, and decide whether or not to allow it to enter the next, Seventh Day, the so called  he Eternal Sabbath.

Note that our human sixth day of the week is only a taste of the Sixth Day of CREATION, and out human weekly Sabbath day is only a taste of the coming, Seventh Day of CREATION, the Eternal Sabbath.

 Seeking a Very Good verdict
Hence after the Midday trial of the Sixth Day, ELKM tightened the yardstick by which He measures CREATION.  Henceforth He would NOT be pleased anymore with a mere ‘good verdict as before, but rather demand from CREATION to be Very Good..

Since CREATION  can’t improve itself to be Very Good in ELKM’s eyes, it  would be up to the new creature in it,  Adam, to achieve that goal.  What a burden on Adam’s tiny shoulders!

 If Adam is deemed Very Good, ELKM would allow him and the entire CREATION to enter the Sabbath.


ELKM will remember the entire CREATION

Thus at the End of the Sixth Day,  ELKM will judge not only Adam but rather the entire CREATION, the whole road He had taken to get there.  As the verse says, He will see “all the work that He had done” so far, and it was a very long road.

It took billions of years for Earth to form a ball of melted lava of the  first Day

it took a long time, from 4.5 B years ago to  4.1 Billion years ago, for Earth to cool off and accumulate water on it from above and form bellow, forming the ocean of the Second Day,

It took long time, from 4.1 B years ago to 3.5 B years ago, for the granite rocks to form the first Continent, seen in the the first part of the Third Day,

It took long time, from 3.5 B years ago to1.5 B years ago to  seed life on earth, produce Oxygen and promote the first Vegetation of the Third Day

It took 50 M  years, from 0.7 to 06.5 B years ago ,  to establish and stabilize the glob’s axis, with steady seasons and tides, days and nights, as seen on the  Fourth Day

It took millions more years, from 600 M years ago to 500 M years ago to develop the first mobile life in and around the sea: Fish, Birds and Amphibians, as seen on :the Fifth Day

it took millions 300 M more  years, from 400 to 75 M years ago, to develop Ozone layer, that allowed life to develop on Dry Land: the Cattle-like, Beasts-like,  and Snake-like creatures that ruled the world in  the first part of the  Sixth Day

It took 73 more million years, from 75 to 2 M years ago, to wipe out the old creatures and allow  mammals and Apes and Adam to proliferate and live on the second part of the Sixth Day

It means that at the End of Time ELKM will wonder if  Adam is worthy of all that trouble.

 Indeed, on Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year, which is the anniversary of Adam creation holiday, ELKM is belied to ascend on His Throne of Judgment, as He will at the End of Times, and judge Adam along the entire CREATION. This notion is expressed at length in our prayer books.


3: The outcomes of the comprehensive trial

The verse hints that like any trial, the End of Days Trial will have two outcomes: Very Good or Very Bad.

If ELKM finds CREATION, including Adam, Very Good,  He would allow it to see the next Day, the Sabbath. .

If ELKM  finds CREATION, including Adam, Not Very Good, or just Good, Or Very Bad, ELKM would terminate the entire World with wrath.


A hint for this bad outcome is given in the following verses:

 “And ELKM saw everything that he had done

and it was Very Good.

And ELKM finished, khalah,  all the work that He has done…”

(the Sixth Day is over)

A hint for this “very bad” outcome is given in the words: “And ELKM finished, khalah, all the work He had done…” The Hebrew word for ‘finished,’ khalah, infers a harsh ending or  “total consumption to nothingness.”  In English too you’d say “I’ll finish you!” as a terrible threat.

 Adam trial

Now we better comprehend Moses’ message  about Adam trial. ELKM wants us to be not just good, but rather Very Good in His eyes. What exactly does this mean?

We’ve learned earlier that to be ‘good’, all creatures must

1) Please ELKM, make Him feel good about it

(2) Abide by ELKM laws

(3) Wins ELKM’s Judgment

(4) Meets ELKM’s Master Plan

(5) Supports the next Day.

Adam is expected to do at least the same, and more, . . .

What exactly is expected from Adam to do, more than any other creature before him? 

1. How exactly can we make Him Feel Very Good?

2. What Laws should we keep?

3. What is His Master Plan?

4. How can see support the next Day, the Sabbath?