ADULTERY-7/ From Eden to Earth and Back


Noahide Seven Commandments Torah classes

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ADULTERY-7/From Eden to earth and Back

”In sorrow you shall bear children”“”

1: The Miraculous Coats and the Tree of Life

Miraculous Dresses
Adam and his wife (The Woman) were condemned to be driven out of Eden and live on Earth. In His Kindness, YHVH ELoKIM gave then gifts, coats, as it says:

“And YHVH ELoKiM made for Adam and Eve Coats of skin
and He clothed them.” (Genesis 3:21)

The Talmud debates the nature of those coats. They were coats of ‘aur,’ which can be
1. Coats of skin, ‘aur’
2. Coats of light, ‘aur.’

Tradition says that these coats endowed their wearers with the ability to ‘converse with the animals’ and to ‘observe Earth from above.’

Thus YHVH ELoKiM increased Adam’s ability to comprehend the creatures underneath him. Earlier in Eden Adam knew the animals names theoretically, whereas on Earth he would know them intimately, in real life.  He would rule over them a their “king who consults”.

The coats also impacted history:

Adam bequeathed them to Cain before he went to exile, yo help him to survive alone in the woods.

The coats then fell into the hands of Naama, Noah’s wife, after Cain was accidentally murdered by her father, the accident prone Lemech. The coats helped Naama and Noah to cater the animals in their Ark.

King Nimrod inherited the coats from Naama and Noah. The coats allowed him to understand the animals, thereby becoming ‘their  king.’ Nimrod used them to ride on eagles and see  the earth from above, something that prompted him to build the Tower of Babylon,  We’ll learn this in due course.

Isaac’s son, Esau, after murdering Nimrod, stole the coat and used them to  hunt animals. .


The branch of the Tree of Life
In addition to the miraculous coats YHVH ELKM gave Adam and his wife other gifts. as it says :

“And YHVH ELoKiM said, Behold, Adam has become like one of us, knowing ‘good and evil.’
And now, what if he put forth his hands and take also from the Tree of Life
and eating it shall live forever?” (Genesis 3:22)

The verse has been a targeted by Biblical critics as showing G-d jealousy.
Tradition, however, says that YHVH ELoKiM spoke here to His Court, the Angels, explaining why Adam and the woman should INDEED be driven out. Knowing Adam’s Drives, it was clear that he would sin again in Eden.  The option of repenting and staying in Eden was over.

The Gift of the Tree of Life
Seeing the verdict, Adam and his wife lamented their lost of Eden. The CREATOR therefore granted their wish and gave them a permission to take with them a “brunch of the Tree of Life”  to Earth.  Whoever owns this brunch shall live forever, the CREATOR said. .


What happened to the branch?

On Earth, Adam and Eve lived a long and fruitful life due to that branch. When they felt that their time was over they bequeathed the brunch to their beloved son, Shet.

Seth too lived a long and fruitful life due to the branch, then bequeathed it to his son, Enosh.

Enosh on whom we will learn in detail, also lived a long fruitful life due to the branch. He bequeathed it to Noah who gave it to Shem and he to Abraham and he to Isaac and he to Jacob down to Moses.

Moses made of the brunch a wooden handle for the Torah scroll he wrote, and placed it inside the Holy Ark.
Moses then gave it to Israel

Israel shall therefore live forever as long they follow the Torah and hold the brunch of the Tree of Life. .


3: The Passage from Eden to Earth

Equipped with the miraculous ‘Coats of Light’ and the “branch of the Tree of Life” Adam and his wife ‘traveled’ to Earth. (They would be MADE on Earth later, on the Sixth Day).

The Torah describes their passage in the following details:

“And He, YHVH ELoKiM sent him from the Garden of Eden
to till the ground from which he was taken, and He chased out the Adam,
And He placed in East of Eden the Cherubs
And the Glowing, Revolving Sword to guard
the Way to the Tree of Life. (Genesis 3:23-24)

Eden’s Gates…

“And Adam knew his wife Eve and she conceived
nd she bore CainAnd she said,
I have bought a man with YHVH….”

Eden’s’ gates
The section comprises of two portions:
Life above Eden’s Gate,still  in the Virtual Eden
Life on real Earth, below the Gates.

The Gates of Eden open to Earth in two sites:
1. Into Mt. Moriah where the Holy of Holes would later stand
2. Into the Patriarch’s Cave in the city of Hebron where four couple are buried: Adam and Eve, Abraham and Sarah, Isaac and Rebecca, Jacob and Leah.

Our souls’ passage from Eden to Earth
Adam and Eve ‘traveled’ from the virtual Eden to real Earth. On the way they passed by the following landmarks:
(1) They started their journey at YHVH ELoKiM’S throne in Eden
(2) They embarked on the “Way of the Tree of Life”
(3) They Passed by the Cherubs
(4)T hey passed by the Glowing, Revolving Sword
(5) They entered the Gate at the East of Eden
(6) They appeared on Mt. Moriah
(7) Where the Holy Ark stood

4: Our Soul Passes the Same Way

Each and every person’s soul passes through the same passage.

(1) First our soul detaches itself from “the treasure of souls” at the Throne of YHVH ELoKiM

(2) Then embarks on the WAY TO THE TREE OF LIFE

(3) Then passes by the “Cherubs” that present YHVH ELKM

(4) Then passes by the ‘Glowing, Revolving Sword’ which presents Judgment  .

(5) Then enters the world through Eden’s Gate

(6) To dwell on Mt Moriah

(7) From where it enters our body.

And when our times arrive, our soul  goes back through the same path.  It enters the Gates, passes by the scrutinizing revolving Sword and the loving Cherubs, then, if allowed, ascends back to sit higher then before at His Throne. .

5:Cherubs guarding the Torah

Moses placed the Golden Cherubs over the Holy Ark.

King Solomon later placed the Cherubs in the Holy of Holes chamber on Mt, Moriah opposite the virtual Gate of Eden.  .

The Golden Cherubs guarded the Torah and the Tree of Life Brunch inside the Holy ark.

Whoever observes the Torah, be it a gentile or Israel, shall live forever.


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