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Genesis Vs Evolution

Class 5/What Would Make Adam Very Good?




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The Seventh Consultation to Make Adam


Moses credibility

We’ve found Moses credible about the History of the World. We’ve also found him credible about the appearance of Mankind  on Earth.  His account on the way Adam is built does match our knwoledge from Science. We stand in awe realizing that his accurate message was written 3500 years ago, way before the existence of Science.

But Moses did not come to tell us what we could find by ourselves using  Science.  His revelation came to inform us about things that Science would never say, things that he, Moses, believes are essential for Mankind to know.

And he tells us that we are made by GOD   (ELKM) the JUDGE for a JUDGMENT.  Whatever we do or think is written down in the CREATOR’S Books – for our trial.

And while our trial may be complex enough to require a set of Five Books, the essence of it is given right at Adam creation in Genesis Chapter One.

And at the core of our trial, Moses, says, is the expectation from GOD (ELKM) that He would feel about us not just ‘good’ like with all previous creatures, but rather Very Good;  a feeling He would never have towards any other creature.

Moses also tells us how GOD (ELKM) made Adam to meet his Goal.   “Standing” on the Sixth Day, before the Sabbath, He consulted all the items mentioned earlier IN THE CHAPTER, from the Beginning to that point in time.  To each  item He said

“Let Us Make An Adam In Our Form And Our Image.”

This was a plan.  GOD (ELKM)  then created Adam first as a “dummy in the ground” by these consultations, each consultation providing  a layer in Adam’s body and soul.

And the watching Angles stood in awe, since they knew that the stakes of Adam;s trial are high. If Adam meets his goal and is deemed by GOD (ELKM) as Very Good, GOD (ELKM) would ‘finish’ or end His Work, abstain from more work,and enter the Sabbath.   On the other hand, if Adam has lost, GOD (ELKM) would ‘finish’ or terminate the entire Six Floors BUILDING- whole Nature- and revert it to nothingness.

Why  Adam? The Angles wondered, “what is so special about him, that could never be found in other creatures? What in the world would make Adam Very Good in the CREATOR’S Eyes?



Seeing GOD (EKM)’S Mighty Sword still lifted on CREATION with a threat of  annihilation, the Angels knew that an important ingredient was still missing in the dummy of Adam on the ground.  As sophisticated as this dummy was, equipped with all the gifts given to Him by GOD (ELKM),  it would still not essentaily excel beyond all other creatures in Nature. This dummy, they knew, would be able to make GOD (ELKM) feel “good at best,” yet never Very Good.

How true! Give the spider or the ant several more million years to evolve, and they too would develop their own I Phones, Computers, Space ships and Art.  By this they might please the CREATOR and even be deemed “good in His eyes.” But none of them would ever be deemed Very Good.  This was shown by the fact that GOD’S Sword remained uplifted. Another ingredient was missing! .

The following narrative is based on the Midrash, Talmud and the commentaries


Objecting Adam

How surprised the Angles were, when GOD (ELKM) Himself called them for consultation. “My Angles,” He asked, “should I make Adam?”

“Why do you consult us at all?” They wondered, “Aren’t we your faithful messengers who perform your wish without discretion?” Indeed, the word in Hebrew for an angel, mal-aach refers to a messenger, even a human one.

“I consult you nevertheless,” GOD ELKM said, “to teach Adam modesty, that the Superior should consult the Inferior and then decrees.”

“From your words it seems that Adam would be extremely arrogant, driven by a huge Self.  He might not listen to you.  So don’t make him!” Some Angles said.

“He would use the Wisdom you’ve given him to make troubles and wage wars” other Angles said.

“Don’t make him, because he would destroy the world…”

“He would use his Art for pornography, incite and express bad ideas…”

“He would be driven badly by the Sex Drive you’ve blessed him with! So don’t make him!”

“He would be driven the his Passion for Power that you’ve planted in him, to seek ontrol over the world! So don’t make him!…”


Objecting Adam’s Idolatry

GOD (ELKM) then asked: “Any other suggestions?”

The Angel Gabriel stepped forwards. “My KING, may I speak out the whole truth?”

“Go on…” GOD (ELKM) said, more attentively than before.  .

“My KING, aren’t you aware that by speaking to everyone in plural, saying Let Us Make Adam, you’ve opened the door for Adam to think there are more than One CREATOR?” (Rashi)

“Like who?” GOD Asked, as if He did not know.

“Adam would tempt to worship any item you’ve consulted with in making him…

“He would be tempted to worship his Wisdom and Science, thinking they are as powerful as you are, GOD…

“He would worship Nature, thinking that the ocean, trees, animals and stars are his GOD…

“He would worship his own ego, taking himself to seriously…

“He would surrender his life to Art, Alcohol, Drugs…

“He would worship Sex and dive in seeking Pleasures…

“He would subject himself to Power, either Political or Economical, forgetting you….so do not make him!”


Offering Adam Mercy and Forgiveness


hearing the Angle’s fierce objections, GOD (ELKM) nodded His Head and said, “I hear you, yet I’ve already decided to make him.”

Indeed, the verse “Let Us Make – naasa- Adam” can be read in Hebrew as already done deal in the past. (Midrash)

Hearing that irreversible verdict, the Angel Michael stepped forwards. “My KING, may I speak out?” he said

“Go on…” GOD ELKM answered.

“My KING! Could Adam ever win your trial, while you sit on the Throne of Absolute Justice?  Why wouldn’t you bring MERCY and FORGIVENESS into your Court? This would offer him a chance to repent, ask forgiveness and win his trial after all.  And if he wins, You would win too. Since You’d ‘finish’ your work, abstain from more work and enter the Sabbath! ”

It is said that GOD (ELKM) smiled and was Very Pleased, for He had been LONGING to hear this suggestion for long time.


Consulting the Attribute of Mercy, LORD (YHVH)

GOD (ELKM) IN HIS KINDNESS  then turned to another Attribute of the Infinite CREATOR, the Attribute of MERCY, COMPASSION and FORGIVENESS, whose Acronym Name is  LORD (Y*H*V*H)

Would you join me in ruling my World?” He asked Her softly, like a Groom inviting a Bride to enter His home.  (kabala)

Hearing the Invitation, the Merciful LORD (Y*H*V*H) entered our world from Her Domain, the Eternal Sabbath To Come. She entered our Sixth Day as a

  • Thin Ray of Light, or
  • A modest, shy Dove, or
  • A beautiful Cherub.

You can see that entry in the verses (see appendix bellow)

The Eternal Sabbath To Come is the next Day of CREATION where the LORD (Y*H*V*H) Dwells and Reigns Alone.   In Her Sabbath, She showers endless, unconditional Love and Holiness with no judgment.  Under Her Reign there are neither trials nor tribulation, neither sickness nor death – but also no birth.

Entering our world, Her Unconditional Love assumed the qualities of MERCY, COMPASSION and FORGIVENESS, qualities that have no meaning in the Sabbath where there is no judgment, and no suffering.

Observing our World – not unlike a Bride entering her Groom’s home for the first time, checking whether or not She would feel comfortable there – She said-

How can I join you to rule your world, ELKM, where I see no room here to rest my Wing, no heart to Dwell in, no one who can spread my virtues…”

Indeed, would the volcano, Spider, Crocodile or the Serpent perceive MERCY, COMPASSION and FORGIVENESS? Even if given millions more years to evolve, these creatures would never, never comprehend YHVH and Her features! After all, all these creatures were made by GOD (ELKM) only, without participation of MERCY!


Heavenly Consultation to make Adam

 Hearing Her reservations, the ‘Groom’ – GOD ELKM) – said

“Let Us make Adam in Our Form and Our Image.”

He meant- our child Adam,

  1. Would comprehend You and Me
  2. In his heart, I’ll carve out a room for you, capable of perceiving You and your features
  3. In his heart You would Dwell– if he admits You in
  4. In his Sabbath You may rest – if he observes it
  5. In his mind and heart he would unite us – Justice with Mercy.
  6. He will spread your Light of MERCY, COMPASSION and FORGIVENESS into my world – if he accepts my advice.
  7. If he does all that, he would be deemed Very Good in my eyes, and I would relinquish my authority and let you reign alone!


Note that GOD (ELKM) “abstains” from doing more work on the Sabbath

While the LORD (YHVH) “rests” in the Sabbath (see the Ten Commandments)


Making Adam in Oneness

Y*H*V*H agreed, and the two Attributes flew together over the entire CREATION, Wing against Wing like two Cherubs in Love, the way Moses depicted them on the Holy Ark.  Together they CONSOLIDATED CREATION by their Oneness and Mutual Love. As it is said immediately next-

“The Day that LORD GOD (YHVH ELKM) made Earth and the Havens (Genesis 2:2)

Then, together in Heavenly Love, they formed the Adam, as it is said



Formed the Adam from the dust of the ground” (Genesis 2: 3)


Only at that point the Angles knew that Adam would indeed be able to make GOD (ELKM) Feel Very Good, if Adam would

  • Recognize, invite and accept the Merciful LORD (YHVH) into his heart,
  • Spread Mercy. Compassion and Forgiveness in GOD (ELKM) world,
  • Unite Judgment and Mercy in his life


Note that –

GOD (ELKM) would NOT plant Mercy, Compassion and Forgiveness in Adam’s heart.  These features are not a part of His characteristics.  They are not found in Nature and could not be incorporated into Adam’s heart by the Evolution.  No other creature is capable of knowing them but Adam.

GOD (ELKM) would not plant Mercy in Adam’s heart as a natural reflex. But GOD (ELKM) did carve out a room in Adam’s heart CAPABLE of perceiving the LORD (YHVH) and Her features.

This room, however, would need to be filled with content by Adam himself. The Shy, Modest LORD (YHVH) would not enter our hearts without our invitation Her and without our love.


How did GOD (ELKM) carve out a room for MERCY in our heart?

After the midday judgment of the Sixth Day, GOD (ELKM) said that it was good, thereby eliminating those who were not good anymore, who did not fit His Plan – as a BUILDRE. By this trial He elimination the giant-pre historic creatures, As Moses says, GOD (ELKM) then announced His Plan to make Adam.  The demise of the giant creatures and the change in the Earth climax promoted the growth of Mammals, Apes and Man. Mammals, of all creatures, excel in their love they offer and protect their offspring.  It comes with the mother’s milk and the mother’s womb.  No wonder that the Hebrew word for MERCY, “ra-cha-mim,” comes from “re-chem,’ womb.

This sense of compassion planted in the Mammals as natural reflex, has served as that  “room” that GOD (ELKM) prepared in Adam’s heart, into which Adam would  invite YHVH to Dwell.

Hence unlike what Science says, our smart brain and Aart and wisdom – as important as they are- are not what make us special.
According to Moses- and he is credible-  Man is special in GOD (ELKM) Eyes, by the fact that we can do what no other creature can do, something that even He Himself wouldn’t do – accept MERCY in our heart and spread Her Light into His harsh and absolutely just World.



An appendix

YHVH’s Penetrating The Sixth Day from the Sabbath

The following text shows how YHVH penetrates- as an Acronym – our Sixth Day from the Sabbath.

At the end of the Sixth Day it is said-


And ELKM said let us make an Adam in Our Form and Our Image

And ELKM saw that it was Very Good.

Y-om  (Day)
H ashssi (Sixth)
………………...The Sabbath begins…………….
V–   ayechulu (they ended)
H-ashamayim and the Earth (the Heavens and the Earth

And all their hosts…


Here the red color signifies the world of GOD (ELKM) meaning the Six Days

The blue color signifies the world of the LORD (YHVH) which is the Sabbath


The front part of YHVH- YH- enters our world. it may be pronounced as Yah (like in Jeremia-yah)

and it is called “The Dweller”- the Shekhinah in Hebrew.


The second part, VH, still Dwells in the Eternal Sabbath


YHVH, an acronym, appears first in the text as as an acronym. Only later- in Eden- YHVH would appear in full Side by Side with ELKM (“And YHVH ELKM formed the Adam form the dust of the ground”

The LORD (YHVH) is the “bridge” that ties our Sixth Day to the Sabbath.  Without Her, our World would have wondered with no direction

If YHVH has :”retracted” in sadness or anger back  to Her Domain, the Sabbath, our world would be left again in the hands of GOD (ELKM) who would judge us with Absolute Justice with no Mercy. .