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Genesis Vs Evolution

Class 5/What Does Moses Add About Adam?


Rabbi Dr Zvi Aviner



What does Moses add about Adam, that Science does not and would not say?

We better listen to Moses; he has proven very credible.

Adam Judgment: Be Very Good!


First, Moses adds that we are not here incidentally.   GOD (ELKM) the JUDGE made us – like all other creatures- for JUDGMENT.   This is what the JUDGE does – creates for judgment or a trial.

You see the  evidence for that  in the Six Days.  GOD (ELKM) judged at the end of each Day (besides the 2nd) whether or not it was “good.”   A good verdict allowed the Day and its tenants to endure and enter the next Day.   A “not good” verdict  would bring the elimination of the tenants or the entire Day.  Since He acted as both a BUILDER and a JUDGE, ‘good’ meant that (1) the tenants were found capable of supporting another Day on top and living in it  (2) that He was ‘pleased’ because the Day fit His Plan.

So by stating that GOD (ELKM) also made Adam, Moses implies that Adam too was born to withstand a trial, to be conducted at the end of our Day, the Sixth Day.  And like all previous creatures, Adam is expected to be deemed “good” at least. To merit that good verdict,  Adam should be able to  (1) support the next Day- the Seventh, the Sabbath (2) ‘please’ the Creator like all creatures before.

But the verses says that differently.   It says that at the end of our Day, the Sixth Day of CREATION, GOD (ELKM) would pass a comprehensive Judgment on all CREATION, as it says

And GOD (ELKM) saw everything that he has done

And behold it was (is) Very Good


Thus,at the end of the Sixth Day – the end of all Days – GOD (ELKM) would Judge “everything that He had created,” the entire Six Floors BUILDING, the whole CREATION from the Beginning to that point in history

Moreover, in contrast to the past, GOD (ELKM) would seek not a good verdict but rather a “Very Good verdict. .

Thus, with the advent of Adam in the world , GOD \(ELKM) has tightened the yardstick by which He measures the world.  Henceforth He would expect CREATION to excel and be not just ‘good’ as before, but ‘Very Good.’

Since Adam is the only new tenant added during the last segment of the Sixth Day, it would be up to Adam to make the change – in GOD (ELKM’s) eyes.

It would be up to Adam to make GOD (ELKM) feel Very Good about CREATION.

It means- the BUILDER would be so pleased with his entire work that He would CEASE it, ABSTAIN from doing more of it and enter the Sabbath.

The Sabbath- let’s recall- is not just  another Floor on top of the Sixth.  The Sabbath is a new environment that would engulf the entire BUILDING, It is a Day ruled by another Attribute of the Infinite CREATOR, the Attribute of MERCY, COMPASSION and FORGIVENESS, whose nickname is LORD (YHVH.) – whom we would soon meet in the text.

So Moses, unlike Science,  says that Adam is not a mere extension of the Evolution.  Had Adam been just another creature on the Evolution ladder, Adam could have been ‘good’ at best in GOD (ELKM) eyes.  By stating that Adam was created to become Very Good, Moses infers that Adam is blessed with something beyond what the Evolution could supply.  What is this ingredient that enables Adam to become Very Good in GOD (ELKM) eyes?

Science says that what makes Man special is our mind, besides our art, self, and so on.   Moses concurs by saying that at the point of the story, Adam’s dummy was indeed equipped already with everything that Science cherishes in Man.  Made by a series of six consultations mentioned above, this dummy summarized  everything in Nature, it had a Godly Wisdom planted in its mind, it had a heart capable of producing Art and Music, it had  a powerful Ego and a Self consciousness and a Free will, strong Sex Drive and a Drive for Power- in short, everything that would enable Adam to “rule over” his habitat and have a meaningful and rich life.

And yet, all those blessings and talents showered on Adam’s dummy by GOD (ELKM) could have made Adam ‘good’ at best, but never Very Good. Something extremely important was still missing in Adam.   What could it be?

Now let’s recall that to merit a ‘good’ verdict, a creature must have been able to support the next Day and live in it.   Similarly, to merit a Very Good verdict, Adam should be able to support the next, Seventh Day – the Sabbath – and live in it.

But could this Adam’s dummy, made by the previous consultations, support the Sabbath and live in it?

The answer is not.  The evidence for that is that  GOD (ELKM) made another, final consultation that  would indeed prepare Adam for the  Sabbath.  For that, He turned to the Attribute that rules the Sabbath, whose Name is LORD (YHVH) and asked Her – help!   .



.The Last, Seventh |Consultation to Make Adam


To prepare Adam for the Sabbath, GOD (ELKM) made the final, seventh Consultation. Turning to – what else? – the Attribute LORD (YHVH) who rules over the Sabbath, He said:

“Would you join me to rule my world?” (Rashi)

His idea was unheard before.  Could anyone suggests to extend the Sabbath into the Sixth Day? Holiness into the Mandane?  0

His tone was also softer than ever before, softer than all previous Consultations.  This time He sounded as a Groom courting his Bride. (the hints for that are seen clearly in the Hebrew text.)

As Powerful as She is, the LORD (YHVH) entered our world as a

  • Thin Ray of Light, or
  • A modest, shy Dove, or
  • A beautiful Cherub.

(You can see in the text Her entrance, shown bellow in the appendix)

In Her her Sabbath, the LORD (YHVH) presents unconditional Love and Joy.  But as She entered GOD (ELKM) World, Her Light split like passing through a prism,  assuming the dimensions of MERCY, COMPASSION and FORGIVENESS, features that oppose the Absolute Justice of GOD (ELKM).    Yet He- the Groom- Loved to see Her in His World.

There is no true  rivalry between Justice and Mercy.  They are attributes of the Same, Infinite, Nameless CREATOR

Observing our world – not unlike a Bride entering her Groom’s home the first time- She said:

“How can I join you and rule your world, ELKM, where there is no room to  rest my Wing, no heart to Dwell in, no mind to fill in with comprehension of me!”

Indeed, no creature in the world created by GOD (ELKM) in the Six Days could comprehend the LORD (YHVH) and Her features.  Would the volcano, the Sea, the Sun comprehend Her? Would the Spider, Ant, Crocodile or the Serpents perceive Her? Could She ever find ‘rest’ in their heart? Would they do her work?

Hearing Her reservations,  the ‘Groom’ – GOD ELKM) – said

 “Let Us make Adam in Our Form and Our Image.”

And He meant- Let Us make together a child named Adam. And he –

  • Would comprehend You and Me
  • In his heart I’d carve out a room for you, capable of perceiving You and your features
  • In his heart You may Dwell – if he admits You in.
  • In his Sabbath You may rest – if he observes her
  • In he would unite us – Justice and Mercy- in his heart, mind and way of life
  • He would spread Your Work of MERCY, COMPASSION and FORGIVENESS into my world –  if he accepts my advice.

Note that in the Sabbath, GOD (ELKM)  “abstains” from doing more work (as the name Sabbath in Hebrew means) whereas the LORD (YHVH) “rests” (see the Ten Commandments).

|Doing work on our Sabbath if therefore forbidden from  two perspectives: of ELKM who abstains, and for YHVH who rests. Each aspect contributes a layer in the Laws of the Sabbath given to Moses

Note that  GOD (ELKM)  LONGS to meet the Merciful YHVH and surrender His scepter.to Her. Absolute Justice  (A hint for that is in the Hebrew text)


The ensuing putative Consultation went on like this:

She asked, “What are the terms of Adam’s judgment?” After all, She would act as our Defense in the New Heavenly Court.

He said: “If Adam accomplishes our Plan, I’d deem him Very Good, then ‘finish’ or ‘end’ my work and enter Your Sabbath, along with the whole World.  But if Adam fails, I’d ‘finish’ or ‘terminate’ him along with the whole World, as I had done before to other Worlds…” (Rashi)  Henceforth He would act as our Prosecutor in the Heavenly Court of YHVH ELKM

She wondered, in Compassion: “Would Adam have a chance to win?”

He said: “Since I  surrender my Absolute Justice to your  MERCY, he would have a Very Good  chance to win his trial – should he finds face in your eyes. ” .

Both said: “We’ll give him a Torah to guide him in uniting us – Justice with MERCY – and proceed towards the Sabbath.”

Embarking on a long historical journey


Adam is not born Very Good.  He would have to learn how to be Very Good in ELKM and YHVH eyes.  This is learning process that requires maturation and growth.   While all other creatures are born equipped by Nature to thrive in their habitat, Adam is the only creature who would continue evolving by mental LEARNING. Faith alone would not take him to the Sabbath. Knowledge is paramount.

GOD (ELKM) would NOT plant the LORD (YHVH) Values in Adam’s heart.  GOD (ELKM) would never do this.   But GOD (ELKM) in His Kindness would do something for Adam that he had never done to any other creature.  He would carve out a ‘room’ in Adam’s heart capable of accepting the values of LORD (YHVH.)   It  would be up to Adam to do the mental work – identify YHVH, invite Her into his heart, enthrone Her daily on him daily, and perform Her work. Why daily? Because otherwise She would run away!  .

Adam is born to embark on an historical journey that may take many years.  You can see that journey in the verses describing the planning of |Adam.  When GOD (ELKM) said “Let Us Make an Adam in Our Form and Our Image,” to whose “Image and Form” was He referring? He has none! So tradition says (Rashi) that He had an “Image and Form” of an IDEAL ADAM on His mind, into which Adam should grow or evolve in history.

But GOD (ELKM) would not leave Adam to take that journey alone by himself.   He would offer Adam a Hand – a Torah to guild him. The Torah would prepare Adam for the Sabbath, guide him how to do Justice with Mercy, and how to spread YHVH  values into the world.  The Torah would guide Adam how to become Very Good in ELKM and YHVH eyes and qualify to enter the Sabbath.

So whereas Science sees Man’s mind as our special most important ingredient, Moses sees our ability to comprehend and do Mercy, Compassion and Forgiveness as the reason why were are here!  

 Consolidating the World with Oneness and Love


They say that as their Consultation was over, the Attributes GOD-LORD, holding Wing against Wing as  two Cherubs in Love, Flew together over CREATION and Consolidated it by their Oneness and Love.  Henceforth the World wouldn’t falter (story told by the Psalm song chanted by the Levite Choir at the Holy Temple on each Friday)

A clue for that Love is given in the story of Eden saying that YHVH ELKM formed the Adam. Here the Attributes are shown Side by Side as thehy would never again be shown in the rest of the Torah.  Hence they are our Father and a Mother in Heavens, and they are One.

The  two  Golden Cherubs that Moses placed on the Holy Ark held Wing against Wing.  . Their faces of the Bride and a Groom looking at each other withLlove..

Because of that Consolidation by LORD GOD, Love permeates all creatures in Nature.  But only in Adam’s heart would this Love split-  tough YHVH’s prism – into Mercy, Compassion and Forgiveness .

On one hand the presence of the Merciful YHVH in the Court would protect Adam.  On the other hand Her presence also increases Adam liability. For to be Very Good, Adam should abide by the demands of GOD (ELKM) as well as by the expectations of the LORD (YHVH).

He would have to win GOD (ELKM) Laws and be deemed “righteous”

And he would have to win the LORD (YHVH) favor and “find face in YHVH eyes” (like Noah,)

  • Failing  GOD (ELKM) Judgment makes him a sinner
  • Failing the LORD (YHVH) assessment makes him “evil.”  Because  failing Her means  to be indifferent to other people’s suffering or worst- become cruel.


Carving out a room for MERCY in Adam


After consolidating the World, GOD (ELKM) began to make Adam in the real World, on Earth.  Remember that the Plan to make Adam was announced soon after the Midday Trial of the Sixth Day- after the demise of the Dinosaurs. Hence GOD (ELKM) had a long time- the rest of the sixth Day- to make the species Adam.

Despite that fact that the plan was announced in plural- “Let Us” – GOD (ELKM) made Adam in His Image, as it says

“GOD (ELKM) created the Adam in His Image,

in His image He created him...” (Genesis 1: 27)

The repetition enhances the message that despite the plural voice in the Consultations, in reality GOD (ELKM) made Adam in His Sole Image.  As we’ve said, GOD (ELKM) would not make Adam in YHVH’s Image. He would carve out a room for Adam into where YHVH may enter, but Adam should invite Her and become Very Good. .

So, as planned, GOD (ELKM) made Adam in His Image capable of emulating Him.  Adam – as an extension of the Evolution- is indeed a smart creature, the apex of everything created before, capable of producing art and music and philosophy, whose great ego and self consciousness, proppeled by powerful Sex Drive and a Drive to seek Power – this Adam could emulate GOD (ELKM) on Earth.  This adam would have been good but never Very Good.

O be Very Good, GOD (ELKM) ‘carved out’ a room in his heart into which  YHVH would Enter and Dwell -pending on Adam.  For that, GOD (ELKM) promoted Mammals.They would grow after the demise of the Dinosaurs.

Why Mammals? – Because Mammals exhibit COMPASSION to their offspring in big fashion. It comes with the mother’s milk.

In Mammals, the ‘room’ with Compassion is still a natural reflex, designed by GOD (ELKM) – the Builder of Nature – to protect the species and promote their proliferation.  But gradually, over the hundreds of thousands years, this ‘room’ would grow  and become Man’s heart. Henceforth, in Adam, the acceptance of MERCY is conscientious.  It requires study, learning, conprehension, decision making, dedication.


Why do we refer to the LORD (YHVH)  in female gender?

Because in Hebrew, the word for MERCY, “ra-kha-mim” is derived from re-khem, WOMB. Who can feel what the LORD (YHVH) feels for us? Only our own mothers.  Our fathers would  never feel the same.

A proof? – our mother Eve.  After giving birth to her firstborn son Cain, she said-

“I have bought a man with the LORD (YVH).”

In these words, the rabbis have noticed, Eve mentions YHVH by herself the first time ever.

  • In Genesis Chapter One, YHVH appears only as a shy hidden Acronym.
  • In Eden, YHVH appears only side by side with ELKM, as LORD GOD (YHVH ELKM).
  • In  Eve’s words, YHVH appears “alone” the first time.

Our mother Eve, holding her first baby in her bosom, her blood flushed with hormones and a surge of COMPASSION and LOVE flooding her heart and mind, could now see and feel what the LORD (YHVH) feels for us.

How to invite the LORD (YHVH) into our heart


GOD (ELKM)  is hash, yet Kind and Fair.  He wouldn’t put Adam in such a trial without telling us how to win it.  In fact, He Demonstrates to us how to invite YHVH to Dwell in our heart.

He says “Let us, you Adam and me, make an Ideal Adam in the Form and Image that I have on my Mind.

“Watch me and do the same. Take my Hand and I will lead you.

“Have you notices, Adam, how I stepped down from my Sole Rule and Consulted many entities – with Modesty- , to make you? So you should do the Same! (Midrash)

“Do you know, Adam, why I’ve  stepped down to become a modest King Who Consults? Because YHVH would not consult with me unless I have done that! She wouldn’t enter my world had I ruled it as a Sole Ruler (Dictator) !”

“So follow me and do the same. I know you, Adam,  You CAN rule rule like Me, solely alone, like a dictator. After all I’ve made you in My Image.   But YHVH would not enter your heart unless you’ve learned modesty.  She hates arrogance.  If She encounters an inflated Ego in your heart, Adam, She would find there no room for Herself and would fly away from you!

“And show Her, Adam, day by day, that you love Her with all your heart and soul.   If She detects any sign of rejection of her in your heart, She would escape away from you, crying!

“And most importantly, Adam: cleanse your heart from evilness that She hates.  If you show indifference to other creatures’ pains and suffering, She would fly away in sadness. But if She encounters cruelty in your heart- She may get angry and vengeful against you – then wow to you!

“And never err, Adam,  to think you have other Father and Mothers, or that we are not One.   Do dot be enticed to  think that the other entities with whom I’ve consulted to make you, have any power on their own.  The consultations with them may render them a magic status in your heart, but they are all false Brides.  Do not worship Nature, nor Art, nor Science, not your Ego, nor Sex and nor Power.  Seek only to meet the true Bride who would lead you to Her Sabbath!

  • She hates IDOLATRY,
  • She hates  ADULTERY
  • She  hates BLOODSHED
  • She hates THEFT.
  • She hates INJUSTICE
  • She hates BLASPHEMY

“I know, Adam, that She would hesitate to enter your heart right away.  You need to mature before She would allow Herself to Dwell.  Why? – For the more She enters, the more you would be tempted to perform Her opposite- do evil in Her eyes.

In Eden, after eating the Forbidden Fruits, YHVH entered their heart and they became aware of increasing sexual lust. This is why they covered their nakedness.

On Sinai YHVH came down to give them the Torah and order a Temple.  The result was increase lust for idolatry and the golden calf.

The more She enters our heart, the more we are attracted to destroy, kill, comitting mass murders .

“Follow Me, Adam, do not ever let My hand go.  And when time arrives- both YHVH and I would deem you Very Good, in Our eyes, in Our Form and Image- and let you into the Sabbath!


In summary


we see how Moses tells us  a neat, clean story about CREATION of Nature and Man.  The story is factual, with no angels,  demons,  Satan, or sexual perversions and power struggle between gods.  It is a story  compatible with our Science.  And he adds one thing that distinguishes Adam besides our brain- our capacity to comprehend and perform acts of MERCY, COMPASSION and FORGIVENESS.  These features separate us from all other creatures born by the Evolution.  But these features would come to us voluntarily, by recognizing the LORD (YHVH) and admitting Her to Dwell in our hearts.


A Supplement

YHVH’s first appearance in the text


You can see in the text how YHVH enters- as an Acronym – our Sixth Day directly from the Sabbath.  At the end of the Sixth Day the verse  says


And ELKM said let us make an Adam in Our Form and Our Image

And ELKM saw that it was Very Good.

Y-om  (Day)

H ashssi (Sixth)

………………...The Sabbath begins

V–ayechulu (they ended)

H-ashamayim and the Earth (the Heavens and the Earth

And all their hosts…


Here the red color signifies the world of GOD (ELKM) meaning the Six Days

The blue color signifies the world of the LORD (YHVH) which is the Sabbath

The part of YHVH- YH that enters and dwells in our world is called Yah (like in Jeremia-yah)

The YH is called “The Dweller” or “the Shekhinah” in Hebrew.

The VH is the part of YHVH that still Dwell in the Eternal Sabbath

Note that YHVH, an acronym, appears first as an acronym. Only later in Eden She would appear Side by Side with ELKM

Note also that the LORD (YHVH) acts like a bridge that connects our Sixth Day and the Sabbath. Without Her, our World of ELKM would be wobble and lost.

YHVH’s presence, like a Lighthouse, gives our Universe a direction to travel in history- from our Day to the safe Shores of the Eternal Sabbath

If YHVH retracts back to Her Domain, because of our evilness, our world would be left in the hands of the Attribute of Absolute Justice, GOD ELKM, to our detrimental.