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Genesis Vs Evolution

Class 5/What Does Moses Add About Adam?


Rabbi Dr Zvi Aviner

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What  does Moses add about Adam, that Science does not and would not say? We better listen to Moses since he has proven very credible.

1: Adam Judgment: Be not just “good” but “Very Good!”


Moses agrees with Science that Adam is at the apex of the Six Days, or Evolution, but he adds that Adam is here not  incidentally.    Like all other creatures before us, GOD (ELKM) the JUDGE made us to withstand a trial and a JUDGMENT.   This is first expressed by the very Name of the CREATOR- GOD (ELKM) which means the  All Mighty JUDGE. Thus the Infinite, nameless CREATOR who is beyond our conception elected to  create the World as a JUDGE; In other words, He ” Assended on the Throne of Judgment”  when creating the world. This is also the base for our Anniversary of CREATION Holiday, the Rosh Hashanah Holiday, which is celebrated as a  Day of Universal Judgment.   Thus all creatures were created for a judgement, each in its realm.  Man’s trial and judgement is more  complex, because we are more complex, yet we share the fact that we are born to stand a trial like all other creatures. . .

The message that GOD (ELKM) is a JUDGE is supported by the very story of the Six Days. It looks as if Moses wrote the story of the Six Days just to inform us about the CREATOR-GOD  (ELKM)-JUDGE and how He works.  Thus,  during the Six Days, at the end of each Day (besides the 2nd) GOD (ELKM) judged the passing Day to see whether or not it was “good.”   A “good” verdict would allow the Day and its tenants to live on into the next Day.  They would need perhaps to adapt into the new environment, yet they would survive.  On the other hand, a “not good” verdict  would bring an elimination to the passing Day’s inhabitants. They would not merit enter the next Day.   They would not fit into it because the plan was calling for a change.  In order to be deemed “good” in the BUILDER’S eyes ,the creature must (1) be able to support the next Day  (2) fit the Plan (3) please Him. ’

Moses also concurs with Science about the way we are built.  We are the summary of the Six Days, we harbor a smart mind, we have a hear for Art, we have a sense of self consciousness and a free will and we are driven forward to produce things by our strong, blessed Sex Drive and the Drive for Power.  By this alone Moses shows  a tremendous insight into our psyche, much above what his contemporaries knew.  But Moses add something that Science can’t say, that Adam is blessed by these talents for a purpose, for his trial.   Adam is built specifically for his trial.   And Moses also tells us how to WIN our trial. .

The fist step to comprehend Adam’s trial, is to glance at the text from above.  every creature’s trial is specified in the text at the end of the creatue’s Day.  Sane is in regard to Adam. Our trial is specified in the text at the end of our Day, the Sixth Day, just before it turns into the Sabbath.   Now here  is a surprise.  we would expect Adam’s judgment to be essentially  no different from other creatures, that Adam would need to be “good” in order to survive. Yet the verse at the end of our Day says differently.  It says   ..

And GOD (ELKM) saw everything that he has done

And behold it was (is) Very Good

It says that at the end of our Sixth Day (1) GOD (ELKM) would Judge not only the  passing Day, but rather the entire CREATION , from the Beginning till the end of  time (2) He would not be pleased with Adam unless Adam – and the entire world- would be deemed  “Very Good” in His eyes!

Since CREATION itself can’t improve itself from ‘good’ to ‘very good,’  it is up to Adam to make the difference.   So here is or trial and Judgment: Adam would have to make GOD (ELKM) feel Very Good about himself and the entire ‘ CREATION.  it means that because of Adam, the BUILDER would be Very Pleased with His entire endeavor.

The stakes are high.   If GOD (ELKM) would feel Very Good about Adam and CREATION, He would then CEASE His work, ABSTAIN from doing more work  and Enter the next Day-the Sabbath- taking the Universe with Him.  .

The Sabbath- let’s recall- is not just  another Day,  another Floor on top of the Sixth.  The Sabbath is a new environment that would engulf the entire Six Floors BUILDING. It  is a Day ruled by another Attribute of the Infinite CREATOR, the Attribute that stands for MERCY, COMPASSION and FORGIVENESS- Her Name is LORD (Y*H*V*H)  who ho would soon be introduced in the text.

Here Moses disagrees with Science.  Had Adam been just another step on the Evolution ladder, as Science says, just a smart creature, a Homo Sapience, this putative  Adam could have become ‘good’ at best in GOD (ELKM) eyes. Because such an Adam would have been just a summary of Nature, which be definition can be good at best. By demanding from Adam to be ‘Very Good’ to win our trial, Moses infers that Adam is blessed with a talent ABOVE what Nature and evolution CAN provide.  .

A very good  outcome carries the option of a Very Bad outcome. Thus, if GOD (ELKM) would NOT feel Very Good, or feel just Good. He would be disappointed, very enraged, and “terminate” the entire Six Floors BUILDING, “everything that He had created,” to nothingness, khalah!

What a heavy responsibility on our tiny shoulders!  

The question is- what exactly is this special talent that Adam needs to excel above the Six Days and be Very Good in GOD (ELKM) eyes?

So far we have discussed how Adam is built by six “Consultations”.  When GOD (ELKM) said “Let Us Make an Adan in our Image and Our Form,” He consulted with the Six Days, with His Wisdom by which He created the Six Days, with His own Spirit (Art,) with His self-consciousness, with the Drives to Procreate and to Rule Over, He consulted them all one by one and built a series of layers in Adam’s body and Mind.  But  those six Consultations could make Adam ‘good’ at best, never Very Good!.

So now comes Moses and adds something in Adam’s makeup that Science does not recognizes.  GOD (ELKM,) Moses says, made the last, “seventh” Consultation that  would enable Adam to  be Very Good, thereby winning his “end of Days trial” and merit entering the Sabbath Day alonng with GOD (ELKM) . .



2: The  Seventh Consultation to Make Adam

Looking at the “dummy” of Adam built so far, the rabbis said, GOD (ELKM) knew well that this Adam would not withstand His scrutiny.  Equipped with a strong Self (Ego) and a Free Will, driven by Passions and desires, how would Adam ever be Very Good in the JUDGE’S eyes?

And the stakes were high,  If Adam fails, so would the entire World.  The BUILDER-GOD(ELKM) -JUDGE would definitely terminate the world to khalah! Annihliation!

GOD (ELKM) in His Kindness  decided to change His Court.  Turning to another Attribute of the Infinite CREATOR, the Attribute of MERCY, COMPASSION and FORGIVENESS,Her Name LORD (YHVH), He asked Her-

 Would you join me in ruling my world?” (Rashi)

Such a plea by GOD (ELKM) – the Attribute of Judgment- was unheard before.  During the Six Days He ruled “awesomely alone,” yet henceforth He would rule “along with” the Merciful LORD (YHVH).

Her Presence in the Heavenly Court would defend Adam, and offer him the option of Repentance and Forgiveness. With Her in the Court, Adam would be able to survive the scrutiny and enter the Sabbath.

Moreover, His tone was softer, like a Groom courting His Bride.  Or better- like a Groom LONGING for His Bride to come over and share His Home.

Hearing His Plea, the Merciful Attribute LORD (YHVH) then entered our world the first time ever as a

  • Thin Ray of Light, or
  • A modest, shy Dove, or
  • A beautiful Cherub.

(You can see Her entrance to our world depicted in the text, as shown bellow in the appendix)

Note that in Her her Sabbath, the LORD (YHVH) presents unconditional Love and Joy, with no scrutiny or trial.  Only here, entering GOD (ELKM) World, Her Light of Unconditional Love split – like passing through prism –  into MERCY, COMPASSION and FORGIVENESS, features that oppose the Absolute Justice of GOD (ELKM).    Yet He- the Groom- Loves to see Her in His World and subject His Verdicts to Her.

There is no rivalry between Justice and Mercy.  The Attribute of Absolute Justice LOVES to see the Absolute Mercy in His Court.  .

In Her Sabbath, there is no meaning to Mercy, Compassion and Forgiveness since no one suffers there from pain or death, and no one stand there on trial.  it is only here that YHVH’s Love assumes the quality of Mercy, Compassion and Forgiveness.

The Attribute of Mercy, the LORD (YHVH) then “observed” our world, not unlike a Bride who enters her Groom’s home the first time,  Would She like the furniture? would she feel comfortable in Her new home?

Observing GOD (ELKM) world, “She” said-

How can I join you and rule your world, ELKM, where there is no room to  rest my Wing,

no heart to Dwell in, no mind to fill in with comprehension of me!”

Indeed,would the volcano, the Spider, the Crocodile or the Serpent perceive Her? Would She ever  ‘Rest’  or Dwell in their heart, like She does in Her Sabbath? No way! Even if the spider would be given several more million years to evolve, it would NEVER appreciate MERCY and COMPASSION! Why? Because the spider, like all other creatures in the world, were made by GOD (ELKM) only, with out Mercy!

Hearing Her reservations, the ‘Groom’ – GOD ELKM) then said

 “Let Us make Adam in Our Form and Our Image.”

And He meant- Let Us make together a child named Adam.

  • Adam wWould comprehend You and Me
  • In his heart, I’d carve out a room for you, capable of perceiving You
  • In his heart You may Dwell – if he admits You in.
  • In his Sabbath You may rest – if he observes it
  • In his mind and heart he would unite us – Justice and Mercy.
  • He would do your MERCY, COMPASSION and FORGIVENESS in my world –  if he accepts my advice.

Note that while GOD (ELKM)  “abstains” from more work on the Sabbath (as the name Sabbath in Hebrew means,) the  Attribute LORD (YHVH) “rests” in the Sabbath (see the Ten Commandments).

Working on our Sabbath day if  forbidden from  two perspectives:

Of ELKM who abstains from work, and of YHVH who rests there.

Each Attribute contributes his or her aspect to the Laws of the Sabbath

The two Attributes joined Wing against Wing, and together, like two Cherubs in love, they Flew over Creation, consolidating it by their Oneness and Love.  Then, together, they formed the Adam as it is said

“And the LORD (YHVH) GOD (ELKM) Formed the Adam from the dust of the ground” (Genesis 2: 3)

Now we know   the ingredient that would make Adam Very Good in GOD (ELKM) eyes

  • If Adam would recognize, invite and accept the Merciful LORD (YHVH) in his heart,
  • if Adam would spread Mercy . Compassion and Forgiveness in GOD (ELKM) world,
  • if Adam would Unite Judgment and Mercy in his life
  • Adam would then BECOME Very Good in GOD (ELKM) eyes 

GOD (ELKM) would NOT plant Mercy, Compassion and Forgiveness in Adam’s heart.  These features are not a part of His characteristics.  They are not found in Nature and could not be incorporated into Adam’s heart by the Evolution.  No other creature could know them but Adam.

GOD (ELKM) would not made Mercy a natural reflex in Adam’s heart.  But He can, and has, carved out a room in Ada’s heart CAPABLE of perceiving the LORD (YHVH) and Her features.  This room, however, would need to be filled by active invittaion by Adam himself.  The Shy, Modest LORD (YHVH) would not enter our hearts without us inviting Her with Love.

It is up to Adam to be Very Good by inviting the LORD (YHVH) to enter and Dwell in our hearts.  This is our major trial and task in our lifetime, on which we would stand a judgment.  Only if we have won our trial we would merit entering the sabbath along with GOD (ELKM).

GOD (ELKM) would then be Very Pleased , like a Groom who have met His Beloved Bride, the Sabbath, the khalah!


The Khalah, Bride


It is said that at the end of the Sixth Day, “GOD (ELKM ) Finished, khalah, all the work that He had done.”

The word khalh can simply means finished. But it can mean “finish” with wrath, terminate.  it also means “consume to nothingness,”  Hence the notion that GOD *ELKM) may  terminate the world to kahalah, nothingness, if He is not Very Happy.

On the other hand, the miraculous word khalah ALSO means a bride. Hence GOD (ELKM) poses Adam with an option: either let me meet My Bride, khalah, the Sabbath, or else- kahlah! Termination to nothingness!

Indeed, who is a bride if not someone who consumes your hart with passion to meet her?


What then is special about Adam ? Science says : our Mind.  Moses says: Our ability to perceive and implement MERCY, COMPASSION and FORGIVENESS,  uniting it with Justice. No other creature would ever comprehend this, regardless how smart it may become!

Moses’ story  compared to the History Chanel

We may now frame Moses’ story withing our Scientific knowledge.  As we remember, according to Moses the decision to make Adam came right after the Midday trial of the Sixth Day, when GOD (ELKM) paused and said that it was good.  This infers that creatures which He deemed “not good” anymore were eliminated, others allowed to proliferate and grow. This  Midday judgment does fit well, we’ve said, with the historical Demise of the Dinosaurs and other giant creatures of Pangea.  The new environment benefited the remaining small creatures, especially Mammals. The scientists think that the Mammals have an advantage because they learned to walk, and because of some ingredient in the mother’s milk.

Moses however says that following  the Midday trial of the Sixth Day, GOD (ELKM) said “Let Us Make an Adam etc.”. Let us – infers a Plan.  Adam would arrive later as planned.  The process that would bring Adam on earth began after the Dinosaurs demise.  Moses agrees and says that precisely at that point in history, GOD (ELKM) spoke in plural and consulted the Merciful LORD (YHVH) to make Adam together. The Plan to make Adam began by the two Cherubs.

But as we’ve said, GOD (ELKM) would not plant Mercy in Adam as a reflex.  He only carved out a room in Adam to pereive Mercy.  That process of carving out a room in Adam for Mercy began by allow the Mammals to proliferate.  Mammals are the only creatures that exhibit mercy and compassion on their offspring beyond the natural reflex of preserving the species.  This room would grow through apps and primitive Man to become Adam, us.


A Supplement

YHVH’s first appearance in the text


You can see in the text how YHVH enters- as an Acronym – our Sixth Day directly from the Sabbath.  At the end of the Sixth Day the verse  says


And ELKM said let us make an Adam in Our Form and Our Image

And ELKM saw that it was Very Good.

Y-om  (Day)

H ashssi (Sixth)

………………...The Sabbath begins

V–ayechulu (they ended)

H-ashamayim and the Earth (the Heavens and the Earth

And all their hosts…


Here the red color signifies the world of GOD (ELKM) meaning the Six Days

The blue color signifies the world of the LORD (YHVH) which is the Sabbath

The part of YHVH- YH that enters and dwells in our world is called Yah (like in Jeremia-yah)

The YH is called “The Dweller” or “the Shekhinah” in Hebrew.

The VH is the part of YHVH that still Dwell in the Eternal Sabbath

Note that YHVH, an acronym, appears first as an acronym. Only later in Eden She would appear Side by Side with ELKM

Note also that the LORD (YHVH) acts like a bridge that connects our Sixth Day and the Sabbath. Without Her, our World of ELKM would be wobble and lost.

YHVH’s presence, like a Lighthouse, gives our Universe a direction to travel in history- from our Day to the safe Shores of the Eternal Sabbath

If YHVH retracts back to Her Domain, because of our evilness, our world would be left in the hands of the Attribute of Absolute Justice, GOD ELKM, to our detrimental.