Genesis Vs Evolutione

How did Moses know all that?


© 2019 by Rabbi Dr. Zvi Aviner

 Now that we an idea about Who created the world and what are His ways, we can read the rest of Genesis and compare it to what Science says about the history of our Universe and our little Planet.


Luckily, the History Channel (HC) has done much work for us.  Recently it produced a series of videos called “How the Earth Was Made” which presents all we know from archeology, biology, astronomy, geology, anthropology and other branches of modern Science.  The series covers history from the Big Bang till our days, including Evolution. Moreover, it praises itself NOT confined by the Biblical Genesis. In fact, it ignores the Bible altogether. It presents a pure vision of Science, without reference to any Super Natural entity.

It can serve us a good platform to compare Moses’ Genesis to Science.

So what does the HC say about CREATION? Let’s read it and compare it to what Moses is saying.

Remember, all we need here is to find out whether or not Moses’ Genesis CAN match the Scientific narrative, something you can’t do with the of the myths about the world told in Moses’ time.




 The Scientific Account

According to the HC, the Universe began 13.7 Billion years ago with a Big Bang, then expanded into Nebulas and Galaxies. At first the Entropy began to decline; Energy and Light were formed and converted to Matter according to Einstein’s formula. The Original Chaos converted to Order, Primitive molecules like helium and water were  formed, followed by larger ones baked in burning suns and exploding Novae.

By about 4.5 Billion years ago, HC says, Planet Earth was consolidated by Gravity that kept together meteors.  It was first seen as a red Planet comprised of melting lava streaming on its surface. The temperature of 8000F was kept by radioactive decay of Earth’s elements. The Planet had not had any atmosphere and any life on it. It is named The Molten Rock Planet


Moses’ account  

Moses seems to concur. The Age of the Universe – according to Kabala- is about 13 B years, quite close to what Science says.

Then, Moses says, ELKM created Light and Darkness, and the large Abyss-that CAN refer to Space. He went on to create Water and Matter, and it was evening and it was morning One Day.  We’ve already said that here Moses defines for us the length of a Day – a Stage in the history of our Planet. According to Kabala a Day lasted on the average 2.1 B years!




The Scientific Account

According to the HC, about 4.4 Billion years ago our Red Planet cooled off.  The radioactivity that had melted the rocks subsided and a solid, rocky crust was formed on its surface. This layer could support water on top of it.

Next, for 300 Million years – from 4.5 to  4.1 Billion years ago – our Planet became covered by water.  From where did it arrive? The Scientists say – from Space above and from the cooling rocks underneath. As it turns out Earth was bombarded for millions of years by watery comets from Space. The Scientists think that our Planet travelled in Space through an area full of those watery Comets.  Earth would never see so much rain again. In addition, the cooling rocks spewed tones of water.  The result was that 4.1 B years ago our Planet was completely covered by water.  Since there was no atmosphere, the color of the water was gray-green-red.  The red came from iron in the water. The temperature was still high and no life existed. The cooling rocks spewed not only water but also CO2 gas that began to form an atmosphere. This stage of Earth is named the Water World






Moses’ Account of the SECOND Day


Moses says that at the end of the First Day ELKM passed a JUDGMENT saying that “it was good:” By this He laid the foundation for the next Day, because that is what ‘good’ means IN HIS EYES.

Thus the rocky ground that had been formed when the earth cooled off, could serve as a bed for the waters that would come next.

Then, Moses says, when the Second Day dawned ELKM “separated the ‘Water Above’ from the ‘Water Bellow.”  Moses mentions no life on Earth yet. ELKM then called the “waters above” Sham-mayim, meaning “there is water.” It fits.  Most Water came from Space. No Dry Land existed yet on Earth

Now tell me- can you find a better match between what Science says and what Moses is saying? So tell me- who told him such a true story about the second stage of our Planet history, 3500 years ago?




The Scientific Account

This Water world, the HC says, ended 4,1 Billion years ago by a tremendous volcanic eruption in the ocean’s bed.  A new type of rock, Granite, appeared. It could withstand the constant battering of the water waves and that rocky Island could be form and stay. A Dry Land appeared on earth by the Sea shores.

Gradually, over the next 600 million of years – from 4.1 to 3.5 years ago – the Granite Islands consolidated and formed the first Super Continent appeared.  Remnants of these period show blackish, smooth rocks along the shores of South Africa and Australia. They are unique by lacking any fossil of life in them, not even bacteria. The Earth became a lifeless GRANITE PLANET.




Moses Account of (the first part of) the THIRD Day


Moses concurs in full.  As the THIRD Day dawned, he says, ELKM separated the Dry Land from the Ocean. No life is mentioned. Then ELKM called the Dry Land Continent, and the Water He called Oceans.

Then, Moses says something that Science would never say – that at Midday, ELKM passed a crucial JUDGMENT.  Earth stood on a cross road- would it see Life on it, or not?

Luckily for us, ELKM was pleased and He said that it was good.  That means He concluded that everything was ready for the next Stage.

The details of this crucial Midday trial of Day Three would be given in the Book of Genesis Chapter 2- in the story of Eden.  This is however beyond our current class.


What Science says came next  


The newly formed Granit Islands, the HC says, promoted the first life along their shores.  This appeared on Planet Earth 3.5 billion years ago, in the form of tiny algae called Stromolites – still seen in shallow waters along remote shores. No one can tell from where did they come or how.  They were SEEDED on Earth, already equipped with DNA and other crucial elements of cellular life.

These mono cellular creatures had one important talent- perform photosynthesis that split CO2 to Oxygen and Carbon. They released Oxygen to the air and used the carbon for their colony’s shells.

For long time- from 3.5 to 1.5 Billion years ago – these algae produced “tones and tones of Oxygen,” as the HC moderator says. A new atmosphere was born, that assumed for the first time the blue color of today. The Sea reflected the blue and Earth is called a BLUE PLANET.

Then, 1.5 Billion years ago, the Granite Islanded consolidated into the  Mother of all Continents, Rodenia.  It was a  barren, Dry Land that stretched under a Blue sky but bereaved of any life forms besides the Stromatolites along  its shallow shores.

Next, that the HC,  about 0.9 Billion years ago, the Super Continent Rodenia split by  volcanic activity.  The temperature warmed up and the abundant ashes prompted the Algae to evolve into Vegetation to its kind that spread by the wind. First appeared grass than shrubs then trees. No mobile life  existed yet on Earth.  .


Moses’ account of the rest of the THIRD Day


After the separation of the Dry Land from the Sea, Moses says, ELKM passed a Midday JUDGMENT and said that it was good.  Everything was ready for the next stage.

ELKM then seeded the first Life on Earth.  The word ’seed’ is repeated four times in just two verses.  He seeded Grass, then Shrubs then Trees – in that order. No mobile life is mentioned yet. And it was evening, it was morning, Day Three was over.

Again you see here a good match between what Science says and what Moses says.  Who told him that true story, 3500 years ago having grown in Pharaoh’s house?




Science: The Ice Age 

After the appearance of the first Vegetation on the Super Continent Rodeniae, the HC says, it seemed that everything was ready to evolve even farther.  Yet an Ice Age hit Planet Earth that decimated all the Vegetation on the Dry Land.  It lasted from 0.70-0.65 B years ago (close to 50 M years). Although it wiped out the Vegetation on the surface of Rodenia, it helped to keep the Vegetation in the oceans under the Ice.  Earth assumed the look of a SNOW BALL flying in Space. This vegetation in the waters was crucial for the next stage of developing Mobile life in the water.

The Ice Age ended when the Earth’s Axis somehow stabilized. Seasons appeared on Earth and the Water Vegetation adapted to it.  The length of nights and days became more regulated.


Moses: The Fourth Day


Moses concurs in full.  When the THIRD Day ended,  ELKM passed a tough JUDGMENT on EVERYTHING HE HAD CREAED EARLEIR ON THAT DAY – namely the Vegetation on the Dry Land.  This CAN correspond to the devastating Ice Age that decimated the Vegetation on Rodenia.  ELKM gives life and He can take life away in Absolute Justice with no MERCY.  As a Builder, things that He had deemed ‘good’ in the past could be deemed ‘not good’ anymore for the next stage.  The Vegetation on the Dry Land were eliminated by the Ice, yet life was farther promoted in the oceans for the next stage.

Then, Moses says, as the Fourth Day dawned, ELKM ordered the Sun and the Moon to be seen regularly on Earth- so regularly that calendars would be established. The length of days and nights and the seasons of the year were established. And there was evining and there was morning Day Fourth was over.

Can you ask for a better match between Moses and Science?




The Scientific Account


Next, the HC says, mobile life appeared in the oceans as the ice melted.  A series of volcano eruptions – Plate Tectonics- split Rodenia and the ashes and nutrients prompted life to evolve in the oceans like never before or afterwards (The Cambrian Period.)  Warms evolved into Fish to its kinds.  

Around 0.5 Billion years ago, the ocean swarmed with Fish of all sorts and kinds.  Predator Fish compelled smaller Fish to mask themselves and develop eyes, noses, legs, teeth, ears. Earth would never see so many species of small and large Fish.   The Kingdom of animals came to Earth in the sea, in a big time.

Life on Dry Land was still halted by the lethal UV of the Sun’s radiation.  But 0.4 Billion years ago, the sky developed enough Ozone layer that shielded creatures that found themselves thrown on Dry Land by the tides.

Those Fish thrown on the Dry Land by the tides developed wings to fly back into the water and catch other Fish.  Soon, Earth was ruled by giant Birds that hovered over the waters to catch giant Fish.

Other creatures thrown by the tides onto the shores escaped inland.  Meanwhile, a vast Vegetation developed in huge swamps that prompted the formation of giant insects- which Earth would never see again.  At the same time the creatures on Land evolved into Crocodiles (amphibians) who could live both in the Water and on Dry Land. They fooled the Birds to sit on them then capture them (The Carboniferous Period and the Ordovician Period, 0.3 Billion years ago).


Moses’ Account of the FIFTH DAY

Again, how amazing it is that Moses concurs. In his time no one knew anything about an order in Nature. Yet he writes that as the Fifth Day dawned, ELKM created Fish in the oceans, and blessed them to be fruitful and multiply- something He had never done before with any other species.  Then, Moses says, ELKM created Bird then Crocodiles, in the same order that Science says.

Can you find a better match between Moses and Science?

So, who told Moses the story?





Despite the success of the new life in the ocean, the HC says, an enormous catastrophe almost ended it. About 0.25 Billion years ago a series of fiery explosions erupted all over Earth and decimated 90% of its inhabitants- mostly in the waters and also on the Dry Land. “Earth would never see such devastation again” – says the moderator. Yet the creatures that remained gave birth to a new eruption of life on Earth- more sophisticated.

Moses concurs in full. At the end of the Fifth Day, he says, ELKM passed another JUDGMENT on everything He had created earlier on the Fifth Day. ELKM JUDGMENT is always harsh and merciless and those creatures that He deemed not good anymore He eliminated, while those He deemed good He allowed to enter the next Day.

Then, Science says, about 250 Million years ago, Earth entered a new phase. The surviving creatures blossomed. Moreover, the subcontinents consolidated again and formed the new and last Super Continent, Pangaea.

Pangaea is the classical world of the huge pre-historic creatures that roamed the Earth (Triassic and Jurassic Periods). Life was promoted by the constant volcanic activity which spewed more ashes and nutrients into the air then ever before and kept the Earth temperature warm on tropical level.  The Vegetation in the swamps grew taller and thicker, The Ozone layer thickened.

As a result, Mobile life on Pangea bloomed. Large Cattle- Like creatures that thrived on the leaves appeared in the swamps.  They had fat bellies and short legs, and their weight was supported by the waters. But soon appeared large Beasts predators that could run fast and prey on the Cattle.  Among them the Dinosaurs, tall as a “seven stories building..”


Moses’ Account of the first part of the  SIXTH Day

Again, Moses concurs beautifully. As the Sixth Day dawned, he says, ELKM created Cattle Like then Beast Like creatures. Then ELKM promoted Creeping things. Oops! Did Moses err?



The Midday Trial of the SIXTH  Day

 According to the HC, the era of the Dinosaurs ended 0.75 Billion years ago by a major catastrophe that wiped out all the pr-historic creatures of Pangea. It was either a series of volcanic eruptions or a large meteor that hit Earth near Mexico, or both.  A thick cloud of ashes and radioactive radiation arose and killed all the giant creatures on the surface. It was a catastrophe, yet it opened the door for the next phase.

A note: Moses says that after the Beasts came the Snakes (Crawling creatures).  And for a while I thought that here Moses erred. After all, Snakes came on Earth much earlier! But then came the Time Magazine and saved my faith in Moses. The magazine showed on its front page a skeleton of a giant snake that had been recently discovered.  It was so large that it could accommodate “two Gray-hand buses” in its belly..  And that was, the magazine said, a junior snake!    As it turns out., the Catastrophe which decimated the Dinosaurs promoted the growth of giant snakes that consumed everything on their way.  These giant snakes ruled Earth for millions years. Some survived in caves to live side by side with early Man (dragons). Hence Moses was right!

That devastation also promoted the growth of mammals and Apes. Around.01 Billion years ago, Pangeae split into the current five continents and Earth assumed today’s look.  About 0.4 Billion years ago Earth saw Homo Sapience, us.

Moses concurs In the Sixth Day, before making Adam, ELKM passed a midday judgment on everything He had created earlier on that  Day.  It was an unusual, premature Judgment since in all previous Days ELKM passed a Judgment only at the Day’s end (apart from the THIRD Day where |He judged it twice.)  And as we’ve said, ELKM’s Judgment is harsh, just and merciless. .The creatures He deemed unfit to live in the rest of the Day He eliminated, while those He deemed good had to adapt to the new environment.  This way He opened the door for Adam.

As you see,  Moses’ account actually places the same prehistorical events in a perfect order, better than the scientific narrative.  


The Torah is a living miracle in our hands

Rather than be embarrassed by the story of Genesis, we should raise it as a flag to the Torah’s truthfulness.

The RaMBaM said that we, Israel, do not believe in G-d because of the miracles He performed in the Exodus. We were not there! But Israel believes in G-d because we have a living miracle in our hands, which is the Torah itself.  Indeed, Chapter One is the only living miracle in our hands!

Why did Moses write it? \we may say that Moses foresaw that a generation would come and doubt his revelation, He therefore started his Books with a story that we can verify by our science. We would then say that since the beginning of his Books is credible, so are the rest of his words.

But Moses did not come to tell us about CREATION. His goal wass to tell us a credible story about the creation of Adam! What then does he say  about Adam? W|ho created Adam and for what purpose? On that we\ll dwell next class. .