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Genesis Vs Evolution

Class 3: The History Channel Report Vs Genesis

How did Moses know all that?


© 2019 by Rabbi Dr. Zvi Aviner


So far-

We’ve seen that Moses’ Genesis differs from all other  Bronze Age’s  myths about CREATION, told in his time. Unlike those myths, Moses’  account  is ‘clean’, bereaved of any sexual perversion, jealousy, killing and a power struggle between the gods. Unlike them, Moses’ account is factual,  describing the events Day by Day .  Unlike them, Moses recognizes an order in CREATION: some creatures were created first while others followed. There is an hierarchy in Nature.

We’ve also   began to compar Moses’ Genesis to our Scientific knowledge of the history of our Universe.  Our goal is to see whether or not one CAN match these two narratives? Such a match, of course, can’t be done between the Bronze Age’s myths of Moses time and our Science.

And we have seen that on  the surface, Moses’ Genesis seems to  drastically differ from our Scientific story.   While he speaks of 5000 years old CREATION that was created in just a week,  Science speaks of 13.7 Billion years old Universe that utilized Evolution. Can one ever say that these two stories are compatible?

But we have already began to see that indeed, Moses account CAN be compatible with Science. Something we can never do with any myths of his time.  First, the story of CREATION in Genesis chapter One does NOT mention the age 5000 years.  This number has been derived by retrospective calculations from the stories of  Cain and Abel.   In fact, Kabbalistic authorities wrote- in the 11 century AD – that the average “Day of CREATION” was 2.1 Billion years, bringing up the length of the  Six Days to be 12.6 Billion years, quite close to what Science says.   A “Day of CREATION” is an era, a stage or a Floor in the Six Floor Building of CREATION. Each Day therefore lasted many human years. This notion is supported by the notion that when the Torah says “One Day” instead of “Day One” it defines the length of a Day.  Our regular days were established only later on the Forth Day of CREATION when the Sun and the Moon were first seen REGULARY  on Earth. r

Let’s compare now Moses’ story to our Scientific knowledge of the history of earth.  Luckily,  we have the History Channel (HC) video production named “How the Earth Was Made. ”  It is a beautiful, comprehensive account of everything we know about Earth from our Archeology, Biology, Astronomy, Geology, Genetics, and other branches of modern Science.  It should be noted that the authors of that presentation proudly claim no relationship to the Biblical story of Genesis.   It is a totally objective account with no mentioning of faith. Thus we  can use it as a platform in our comparison between Science and  Moses’ Genesis.





 The Scientific Account of the beginning of the world 

According to the History Chanel (HC) the Universe started 13.7 Billion years ago by a Big Bang, then expanded into Gasses, Stars, Planets and Galaxies.  Our Galaxy –  the Milky Way- is one of the oldest, 13 Billion  years old.  Immediately after the Big Bang, Entropy began to decline, Energy and Light were formed then converted to Matter according to Einstein’s formula. The Original Chaos turned into Order. Primitive molecules such as helium,  other gases and water were  formed.  I norganic molecules appeared, having been baked in exploding Novas.

Then, 4.5 Billion years ago, HC says, Planet Earth was  consolidated by gravity that kept together meteors.  It first appeared as a Red Planet made of steaming melting lava. The  high temperature of 8000F was kept by radioactive decay of Earth’s radioactive elements. (In fact the age 4.5 B years was calculated by measuring the rate of the radioactive decay.)  Earth at that point had neither atmosphere nor life.  It is named The Molten Red Planet

But 4.4 Billion years ago, our Red Planet cooled off.  The radioactivity that had kept the temperature high and the rocks melted, subsided so that s more solid, rocky crust was formed on its surface. This crust would be essential  for the next step – supporting  water on top of it. .  .


Moses’ account  of the First Day

Moses seems to concur. The Age of the Universe – according to Kabbala- is about 13 B years, quite close to what Science says.Then, Moses says, GOD ( ELKM) created Light and Darkness, Deep  Abyss that could be Space.  Moses mentions  Chaos that turned into  order.  GOD (ELKM) then created Matter and Water .  GOD (ELKM) then saw that it was good, that the  Day was  capable of supporting  the next “Floor”  on top.   This fits the forming of the crusty surface which could support the Water on top. Then it was evening, and it was morning, “One Day.”   Here, as we’ve noticed,  Moses defines the length of One  Day of  CREATION – the time it took  CREATION to advance  from the Beginning to have in it  Light, Matter and Water, and Earth.

So  far, Moses concurs with Science.  Moses however adds that the process was conducted by GOD (ELKM) who judged the passing Day and found it good in His eyes.  He had a Plan, and the passing Day seemed to be a good step towards finishing that Plan.  .  .




The Scientific Account

After forming the crusty surface, the cooling Earth continued to change. For the following  300 Million years – from 4.4 to  4.1 Billion years ago – Earth was bombarded by water comets from space above. The scientists think that our Planet entered an area in Space full of  watery comets. In addition, the cooling rocks spewed waters and CO2 gas  from below.  After such a massive rain that lasted 300 Million years, Earth was covered by endless Ocean.  It is named the Water World. The water had a grayish-green-red color.  The red came from iron in the water. The temperature was still too high for any life to exist.


  Moses’ Account of the SECOND Day

Moses says that  when the 2nd Day dawned,  GOD (ELKM)  “separated the Water Above from the Water Bellow.”   No Dry Land existed yet.  Moses mentions no life yet. CAN you find a better match between Moses and Science? Who  told this story  to Moses, 3500 years ago?

Note that Moses does not say that at the end of the 2nd Day GOD (ELKM) said that it was good.  In the BUILDER’S eyes, conditions on earth were not yet ready for the next step- the seeding of life on ii.  Another crucial step was needed – as we are about to see.




The Scientific Account

The era of the Water World came to an end – the HC says – 4,1 Billion years ago, by a series of volcanic eruptions at the Ocean’s  bed.  A new type of rock, the granite, appeared the first time.  What’s special about Granite is that it could withstand the thrush of gushing  water and strong winds, so that it could  form  steady Granite islands. The  Dry Land showed up on Earth for the first time.

Then, over  the next 600 million of years – from 4.1 to 3.5 years ago – the Granite Islands  consolidated and formed the first Super Continent, Rodenia.  It was still a  lifeless continent whose borders can be traced today by black, smooth granite rocks  that are found  along the shores of South Africa,  Australia and other sites on Earth.  These black, smooth are so special because they carry no fossil of life in them,  not even bacteria or plants. All other rocks on our dry land do carry fossille, however small   The scientists look at those black rocks as the remnants of the first Granite Super Continents. Earth is named  the GRANITE PLANET..


 Moses’ account of the THIRD Day

Moses  concurs with Science  in full.  As the THIRD Day dawned, he says, GOD (ELKM)  separated the Dry Land from the Ocean.  Moses mentions no life yet, not even Vegetation.  GOD (ELKM) then called the  Dry Land   “Continent,”  and the Water He called “Oceans”. in plural, because the Continent separated the former one Oceans into several Seas. GOD (ELKM) then passed a judgment and said that “it was good,” that the  stage was ready to support the next one.  GOD (ELKM) also was pleased since the new Day fit His Plan.


According to Science, what came next?

The Granite Super Continent  was crucial for the net step, the seeding of life on Earth.  This happened  3.5 Billion years ago, when a coral like algae called Stromolites showed up  on shallow shores of the Granite Continent.   The Stromolites are still seen in remote shores, especially in Australia.  The scientists consider them the  oldest living creatures on our Planet. No one knows form where they came, or how.   The were already equipped with the essential cellular organs, like programmed DNA and other organs.  They could thrive only on  shallow shores with abundant sunshine, where they  could execute their foremost talent-  photosynthesis.   By this they split the CO2 in the air into Carbon and Oxygen, using the carbon to form their shells. The Oxygen that they produced incidentally they released into the shallow water then to the air.  Earth new Atmosphere was built.  .    .

For the next 2 Billion years,  from 3.5 to 1.5 Billion years ago, the Stromolites colonies  produced “tons and tons of Oxygen,”  as the HC  says, turning the sky into blue.  The Ocean too turnend blue, reflecting the color of the sky.  Earth became the BLUE PLANET.

If you want to build a blue atmosphere on March, plant there Stromolits on a shallow beach, if you find water there. Then wait 2 Billion years.

About  1.5 Billion years ago, the  “mother of all Continents,” Rodenia, was seen at its glory. It was a  barren, Dry Land stretched under a dry Blue sky. It was bereaved of any life, besides the Stromolites at its shallow shores.

But filling the air with Oxygen was not enough to promote the spread of life  on Earth. Another change was needed,  About 0.9 Billion years ago, a series of   volcano eruptions at the Ocean’s bed split  Rodenia into smaller subcontinents.  The increasing warming atmosphere and humidity along with abundant  volcano’s ashes  promoted the growth of the Stromolites  into  grass , than shrubs then trees.   Vegetation Kingdom came to Earth.  It kept spreading by wind, since no insects existed yet.  The Vegetation also invaded the oceans – a crucial stage for the future. Some mobile small creatures like sponges could also develop in the sea at that early stage.   .   .


Moses’ account of the rest of the THIRD Day

After the separation of the Dry Land from the Sea, GOD (ELKM)  seeded  Life on Earth.  The word ’seeded’ is repeated in the verses four times.  GOD (ELKM) planted Seeds, Grass,  Shrubs and Trees – in that order.  Moses  mentions no mobile life yet. Then at the end of the Day, GOD (ELKM) passed a judgment and said that it was good, that the Day could support another Day on top.  It was good also because it pleased the BUILDER, who deemed it fit His Master Plan.  And it was evening, and it was morning, Day Three was over . Earth had so far  three Floors.

There is no question- Moses account does match Science.  The only question is- how could he know all that having been grown in Pharaoh’s  large home? Who told him the story?

Note that in the course of the THIRD Day, GOD (ELKM) twice said that “it was good” – once after the separation of the Dry Land before seeding life  on it,  and then at the end of the Day. It means that GOD (ELKM) judged the Day twice.  Once before seeding Life on Earth and once before evolving Mobile Life in the Ocean.

So far we have –

Day One………..The Red, melting Planet

Day Two………..The Water World– water from above and bellow

Day Three…The Granite Planet-dry land and sea

…………………...The Blue Planet– cellular life, Oxygen, Vegetation





Science: The Ice Age 

About 700 Million years ago (0.7 B) – says the HC- Earth’s rotation around its Axis  stabilized.  This was first accompanied with a long, harsh Ice Age that lasted 50 Million years (0.7- 0.2 B years ago).  It decimated all the Vegetation on the continents’ surface, yet somehow tept alive the Vegetation in the Oceans.  Earth looked like a SNOW BALL  traveling in Space.

Stabilizing Earth rotation also fixed the length of the days and nights, as we see them today.  It also established the length the annual  seasons. As a result, the remaining Vegetation in the water had to adapt and fix the cycles of photosynthesis . The vegetation learn to be active at daytime  and dormant at night.   This would be essential for mobile life  whose nervous system require sleep and awakens.    

During this long Ice Age, Life in the waters struggled for survival.  But the stage was set for the next step- moving up the ladder of Evolution with Mobile Life in the water.   .  .


What does Moses say about the Fourth Day?

Amazingly, Moses concurs in full also in regards to the events of the 4th Day. At the end of the THIRD Day , at the transition between the 3rd and 4th Days,  GOD (ELKM) passed a JUDGMENT on everything He had created earlier on that 3rd Day, meaning on the  Vegetation.

As a rule of thumb, a good verdict by  GOD (ELKM) also infers the possibility of being  not good.  A good verdict means that the Day would be allowed to thrive into the next Day.  A not good verdict means that the Day and its creatures were eliminated.

Thus, when GOD (ELKM) passed a Judgment at the end of the 3rd Day and said that it was good, He allowed some inhabitants  to survive and enter the next Day, the 4th,  while He eliminated the rest. This CAN fit the Ice Age that hit Earth and eliminated Vegetation on Land but kept it in the water.

Then when the “Fourth Day”  dawned, GOD (ELKM) ordered the luminaries – the Sun and the Moon –  to be  seen regularly on Earth.  So regularly, Moses says, that calendars and seasons would be established by them, as well as rhe length of days and nights. And there was Evening and there was Morning, the 4th Day was over. .I don’t think you can find a better match between Moses and Science!

So far we have –

Day One………..The Red, melting Planet

Day Two………..The Water World

Day Three …...The Granite Planet

……………….…..The Blue Planet

Day Four………The Snow Ball



The Scientific Account

Establishing  the Earth’s rotation turned crucial for the evolution of life. About 0.65 Billion years ago a volcanic activity at the Ocean bed melted the Ice and warmed up the sea.  Lots of ashes and nutrients filled the water. This promoted the first MOBILE LIFE to appear in the  Waters- small warms, then fish to its kinds then bigger fish.  “The Animals Kingdom arrived on Earth in the water” says the HC.   Indeed, from 0.65 to 0.4 Billion years ago (span of 250 Million years) the mobile life exploded in the oceans with new fish and other creatures of water. These creatures developed the first eyes, first ears,  first teeth.   The  fierce struggle for life prompted the new creatures to  evolve special talents of decoy and deception.  “Earth would never see again so many weird Fish to its kinds” – says the HC.  Most of the fossils related to that period were found in Alaska by the Smithsonian Institute and therefore are called The Cambrian Period, after the site in Alaska.  On contrast to the water, Life could not evolve yet on the Dry Land due to the intense Solar UV radiation.

This too changed gradually.  About o.4 Billion years ago, enough Ozone developed in the sky that  shielded mobile life on  the Dry Land.This happened in stages. The following is a description presented by the Discovery Chanel:

(1) First, tides left some Fish on shores.

(2) The Fish left on shores developed wings to fly back over the waters  a to catch other Fish.  BIRDS ruled the sky.

(3) Other “Fish on Shores” invaded inland to escape the Birds. They evolved into Crocodiles that prey on Birds.

Then – 0.4 to 0.3 B years ago –  the Ozone layer diminished enough to allow the explosion of amphibians, insects and birds on shores. They filled the huge, humid swamps that grew up trees, similar to the scenery seen today at the swamps in the Southern states  of the USA (The Carboniferous and the Ordovician Periods .)  Earth is called the Green Planet.


Moses’ account of the FIFTH DAY

At the end of the 4th Day, GOD (ELKM) said that it was good.  It  was ready to carry another Day on top.   This Verdict fit the end of the Ice Age. .

Then, as the 5th Day dawned, GOD (ELKM) created Fish.  Moreover, He created them in abundance, as it says “And GOD (ELKM) blessed them to be fruitful and multiply”.   This fits the enormous explosion of life in the waters at that time period.

Then, Moses says, GOD (ELKM ) created Birds then Crocodiles,  In the order recognized by our Science. And it was evening and it was morning, Day 5th was over.   

Who told Moses the story?

But  saying that at the end of the 5th Day, GOD (ELKM) passed a judgment saying that is it was good, implies that those who were not good were eliminated. Does Moses concur here with Science?

So far we have-

Day One………..The Red, melting Planet

Day Two………..The Water World- water from above and below

Day Three …...The Granite Planet- continent

……………………The Blue Planet– cellular life, Oxygen, Vegetation

Day Four ……..The Ice Ball– stabilizing Earth’s axis, regular photosynthesis of days and nights

Day Five.………The Green Planet– Fish, Birds, Crocodiles, swamps



The Scientific Report

The abundance of giant Fish and the giant Birds and Crocodiles ended 0.25 Billion years ago, by a major catastrophe that hit Earth.   It came as a series of fiery explosions that erupted all over the Planet-  perhaps caused by gases ascending from the ground. The explosions decimated 90% of the Earth’s giant inhabitants.  “Earth would never see such devastation again” – says the HC .  As devastating as it was, yet  it was crucial for the vevelopment of new and more sophisticated life forms.

This catastrophe can match with the Judgment that GOD (ELKM)  passed on the Fifth Day at its end.   Those creatures who were found not good anymore, not fitting the next Day, were eliminated with no mercy.  GOD (ELKM) the All Mighty JUDGE gives life and He takes Life away as He deems fit.  Those creatures that He deemed good were allowed to thrive and enter the next, Sixth Day. .

At that time period, says the HC , about 0.2 B years ago, the  Super Continent Pangaea was consolidated.  Pangaea is the classical world of the large  pre historical creatures that roamed the Earth (The Triassic and Jurassic periods).  Though the fiery explosions ended, an intense volcanic activity continued all over Earth. It  spewed  lots of ashes and nutrients into the air that  promoted the Vegetation to grow in the swamps. The Earth’s temperature became tropical.

This new environment promoted  large Cattle- Like creatures to evolve in the swamps.  They consumed the  Vegetation and developed large bellies on short legs, their eight being supported by the water.  They could not run fast, but soon – about 150 Million years ago-   Beast-like predators that could run fast appeared to prey on the Cattle. Among them the Dinosaurs- tall as three stories house. .

The reign of he Dinosaurs and their kinds lasted from 200 M years ago till about  75 Million years ago, when a new devastating catastrophe hit earth.  It  was either  another intense volcanic eruptions or a large meteor  that plunged into the seas  near Mexico.  The toxic ashes,  the fumes and the  radioactive radiation that arose killed all the giant creatures of the era.  Again, it was a harsh and devastting event, yet it  opened up the door for more sophisticated creatures- the Mammals, among them Man,


What does Moses say about the Sixth  Day?

Again, Moses concurs with Science in full. As the Sixth Day dawned, he says, GOD (ELKM) created animals to their kinds:  Cattle-like, Creeping creatures and Beast- like to their kinds.  .

Then, while the Sixth  Day was still in progress, GOD (ELKM) passed a premature judgment on everything He had created earlier on the  Sixth Day.  Like always, His Judgment was harsh and merciless, but just.  Those creatures He deemed ‘not good anymore’  He eliminated; those He deemed ‘good’ He allowed to enter the rest of the Sixth Day – where they would live side by side with Adam.

This “Midday Judgment of the Sixth Day” can fit the  catastrophe that hit Earth wiping out the giant creatures of Pangaea.  And indeed, as  harsh as it was, it allowed other creatures like Mammals to evolve – including Man.

Again, we stand in awe  realizing how accurate Moses’ Genesis is, how compatible with Science.


But what about the Crawling creatures|?

One embarrassing question pops up – Moses says that creeping creatures came on board just before Man.   Oops! | Did Mses err ?  According to Science, Creeping creatures appeared well back  in Evolution!

 The Time Magazine Report

But a recent Time Magazine report saved my trust in Moses.  On its front Page, the magazine showed a photo of a snake’s skeleton recently discovered.   it was large enough to accommodate “two Gray hand buses side by side in its belly.”   And this one was a skeleton of a junior snake…

Amazingly,radioactive  measurement showed that this giant snake lived 75 Million years old –  just after the Meteoric catastrophe hit our Planet. The Time Magazine  explained that after Dinosaurs’ demise  the stage was open for giant snakes to grow free and roam the Earth, devouring everything on their way.   For millions of years these giant snakes ruled Earth.  Some actually lived 400.00 years ago, side by side with primitive Man; giving birth to the legends   of  Dragons in caves.. So Moses was right.  Crawling creatures such as Serpents did rule Planet Earth before the appearance of Adam.

So Moses is accurate in regards to the Sixth Day. Earth was ruled by Cattle, Beast and Creeping creatures in that   order. Who then told Moses the story?


So far we have-

Day One………..The Red, melting Planet

Day Two………..The Water World

Day Three ……The Granite Planet

……………………The Blue Planet

Day Four ……..The Ice Ball

Day Five.………The Green Planet

Day Six ..………..Current Planet


The Torah is the only living miracle in our hands!

Rather than being  embarrassed by the story of Genesis, as if it is an ancient myth, we should raise it as a flag of  truthfulness for the entire Torah (Bible)

Maimonides (the RaMBaM) wrote that Israel has remained faithful to GOD not because of the miracles of the Exodus or any other miracle.  Every  miracle can  be challenged by natural explanations.

Yet  one miracle exists that can’t be challenge- that is the Torah itself.  The more we learn from Science, the more we stand in awe to the Torah’s truthfulness.  No wonder that Moses placed that story at the start of his five books.


Some reflections

On the interplay between the environment and Life

Modern Life Scientists regard now the Animal Kingdom, the Vegetation Kingdom and the Inanimate Kingdom as one spectrum of LIFE.  The idea surfaced when one  analyzes smaller and smaller life forms, like viruses and even smaller particles.  There, on that  tiny level, the boundaries between what we regard as a living creature and an inanimate one are increasingly blurred.   It is similar to  Quantum Mechanics in which the classical distinction of space and time fall apart.  In the new thinking of Life Science, LIFE actually controls  everything around us, including inanimate material.  A stone is also a manifestation of Life.

Classically thinking regards the Evolution as if Life takes an advantage of an arbitrary change in the environment, grabbing the chance and evolving.   The arbitrary change in the environment only dictates the direction where the Evolution would proceed.  But in Moses description of the Six Days, the change in the environment is a necessary part of the general plan. GOD (ELKM) accumulated  water on the 2nd Day because water is an essential element of Life.  Then GOD separated the Dry Land to allow the seeding of Life on the shallow shores.  These primitive life forms were needed to grow there in order to produce Oxygen and form an Atmosphere, in which Life can continue to grow.  Thus every event on any Day is not incidental or arbitrary. It is, rather, a much needed step for Life to evolve. Thus Moses concurs with the most modern scientific thinking.