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Genesis Vs Evolution: How did Moses know all this?


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Welcome to our class. We could have made it short – just compare the History of the World as shown by the History Channel  to Moses’ Genesis, and be impressed how well they do match.   But doing so would leave you with no permanent impact.  My wish, however, is to show how miraculous Moses’ story  is – a  living miracle in our hands. And if his words about Genesis are true, so must be the rest of his worlds.

We all look for miracles, in our lives as well in history. The Bible is full of them- from the story of the Exodus to the Splitting of the Reed Sea to the Mana in the Wilderness and the miracles performed by Israel’s prophets. But as the ancient rabbis have already pointed out the impact of these miracles have been short quickly forgotten.  G-d, they said, created the world in such a way that His Hands and intervention is always concealed and seem naturally. Otherwise, who would dare to sin?  And the essence of our lives is to withstand a true trial!  .

My goal is to leave you with awe- how could Moses, 3500 years ago, write such a story of CREATION that CAN be verified by OUR Science? Who told him such a credible story?

here are the headlines of our five classes –  .


Class 1: Is Moses’ account another ancient myth?

The  dilemma

  •  Biblical Fundamentalists Vs Secular Scholars
  •  Why did Moses choose to begin with a controversial story as Genesis?

The stakes are high

  • If the story is untrue, so are the rest of his worlds
  • If the story is true- who told it to him. 3500 years ago?


Comparing Genesis to the ancient myths in Moses’ time

  • The Egyptian narrative
  • The Greek narrative
  • The Indian narrative
  • The Japanese narrative


Moses’ story in contrast to the myths of his time  

  • No sexual perversions or power struggle
  • A factual, clean story
  • An order in CREATION


Moses story compared to the Scientific narrative

How old is the Universe, 5000 years or 14 Billion years?


איננהמקרית.   אנו לומדים בשיעור את החכמה וקצת מהבינה,  ורק כשנעבור על הבינה נוכל גם לרדת לרמה של  דעת ולהבין את ההלכה

דעתו של רבי אלאעי כאן  חשובה כי ההלכה כמותו בכמה  מהמיקרים . כך פוסק הרמבם שראשית הגז נוהגת רק בארץ לפי ר’ אלאעי ולא כמשנה שאומרת כי נוהגת בארץ ובחול.

  Class 2: Presenting the CREATOR


Does Science recognize a CREATOR?

The CREATOR according to Moses

  • The Builder
  • The Judge
  • The Artist


Class 3:  Evolution Vs Genesis


The History Channel’s series on the History of Earth can be uses as a platform for the comparison between Moses and Science.

CAN those two narratives be matched?

Class 4: Adam


What does Science say about Man’s evolution on Earth?

What does Moses say about the creation of Adam?

Can those two narratives be matched?


Class 5: What Does Moses add on Adam?


Since Moses is so credible, what does he add on Adam’s creation that Science would never say?