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Genesis Vs Evolution

Class 4: Adam

Rabbi Dr, Zvi Aviner, 2019



Now that we’ve established the credibility of Moses account of the history of the Universe, that his words can be matched with our Scientific knowledge, what about the history of Man? Does Moses also concur with Science about the appearance of Mankind on Earth? Let’s pay attention to Moses when he speaks about Man.  After all, his goal is to inform us about who created usתת. how and for what purpose- rather than about the Universe.  He uses the story of CREATION in Genesis only to establish his credibility.  And since our generation is the first able to validate his words by our Science, it seems as if he aims his message to us directly, a sif he knew we need it.

Speaking to us, Moses preferred to present the history of the World as done in Days, rather than in stages.  By this he established our human week, in commemoration of Genesis.  He wished Mankind to recall the story of CREATION day by day, all our lives.  We need to remember where we came from and where we are going in history.

In fact, to fulfill this wish, the Levite Choir of the Holy Temple used to chant, on every day of the week, a Psalm chapter that reiterates the events of that Day in Genesis.  The sages of that time also instituted that the weekdays would be named by numbers-First day, Second day, Third day and so on- rather than by specific names, so that we would never forget Genesis.

Let’s compare now the Scientific narrative about Man’s evolution to Mose’s account of the birth of Adam. Do these two stories match? And if yes, if Moses is credible also about Man, does he add something about us that Science doesn’t say?


1: The Scientific Narrative of the Evolution of Man


Science says (according to the HC) that Man appeared on Earth gradually over the last 2 Million years. The process started  75 Million years ago after the meteoric catastrophe that hit our Planet and decimated all the giant creatures of Pangea , like the Dinosaurs.  As drastic that catastrophe  was,  it changed the climate in our favor.   Small creatures, particularly Mammals, could proliferate and evolve. Thus came Large Apes, then Primitive Man like Homo Erectus and Homo Neanderthal (0.7-0.4 Billion years ago) than Homo Sapience, the “Wise Man” – us (0.4 B years ago.)

Why Mammals? What gave Mammals the advantage to grow more than other creatures? The scientists debate on this. Some say that the Mammals’ ability to stand upright and free their hands gave them the advantage.  Others say that some chemical in the mother’s milk is responsible for the Mammals’ growth.  After all, MILK is what distinguishes Mammals, by definition. Others say that the protection that Mammals give to their offspring is what encouraged their growth.  While Crocodiles kill their babies to avoid competition, Mammal nourish their babies thereby allowing their numbers to grow.

 As Man evolved, , Science says, so did his Brain.   Our mind after all is what makes us Homo Sapience, Wise Man.  Our mind endows us with abstract thinking, language, imagination and fascination. You can see this fascinations in the way Cave Man painted his hunting scenes on the Cave’s walls.  Our mind allows us to invent tools,and comprehend the way the Universe works.

But Science believes that our mind does not set us essentially apart from  other creatures. We simply won the race.  Following the demise of the Dinosaurs, Science says, a race began between several social creatures – like ants, spiders and bees- to develop a smart society.  It is as if the Universe “demands the presence of an intelligent creature in it.”  Given more time, like several more million years, other social creatures might catch up and develop their own ideas, I-Phones, computers and Space Ships.  Man’s growth was simply promoted by the climate change in our  favor, and because of the advantage that  Mammals possess over their competitors. .

In addition to our mind and logic, Science points on our Consciousness as a factor in our success. Modern Quantum Mechanics sees this as the force that sustains the Universe around us.

while other creatures also have Consciousness, Man excels in Self  Consciousnesses, his Individuality and Ego.   It drives us as individuals to leave an impact and a legacy.   Our  Free Will gives us the ability to challenge old  ideas and move forwards.

Beside our Brain, Science points on our emotions  as a major contributor to our success. .Man is equipped with a powerful, perpetual Sex Drive that is independent on the annual seasons.  It dominates our lives and drives us forwards to achieve status and create things (says Sigmund Freud.)

Other psychologists emphasize our strong Drive for Power as our greatest motive to create things (Carl Jung).  All agree that without those two Drives- the Sex Drive and the Drive for Power- Man would rather stay idle.

Moreover, Science sees Man’s fascination with beauty, art and music as no less important than all the other forces mentioned above.  It enriches our lives, endows them with a meaning and gives us joy and happiness. Without these talents  our lives would be dull and empty.

And above all, say the scientists, stands our ability to perceive and implement justice. We are moral creatures by nature.  This natural morality gives us advantage over other social creatures- we may one day wrap ourselves with peace and enjoy more growth and security.

At the same time, Science says, Man does harbor a sense of self destruction.  We may either evolve to a better future, or end up destroying ourselves.  We may end up as another extinct species, another step of the ladders of creatures that Earth has known.

The fingerprint of Evolution,  Science points out, is seen in the way that a human embryo evolves in his mother’s womb.  We all evolve from a single cell into a multi-cellular organism, passing through stages that resemble Fish, Bird, Lizard and so on (“Onto-Genesis repeats the Philo-Genesis.”)

In Summary, Man is distinguished by our MIND and HEART . Man can comprehend the way the Universe works. overcome diseases and poverty, produce Art, Music, Philosophy and Science. Man’s future depends on us- we may continue to grow or end up destroying ourselves.

Now, what does Moses say about the birth of Adam on Earth? Can it be matched with our Science? Does Moses add something about Adam? Can we win our future?






1: The text in Genesis about creating Adam


”And GOD (ELKIM) said Let the Earth bring forth living creatures to their kinds
Cattle, Creeping things and Beasts of the Earth to their kinds, and it was so




“And GOD (ELKM) created The Adam in His Image, in the Image of GOD (ELKM) He created him, male and female He created them.

And GOD (ELKM) blessed them and said to them
Be fruitful and multiply, filled the Earth and conquer it, rule over the Fish…Birds…and all the Beasts…

And behold, it was VERY GOOD
And there was evening, and there was morning, the SIXTH DAY” (was over.)

…………………THE SABBATH DAY BEGINS………………………..

“And the Heavens and the Earth were FINISHED
And GOD (ELKM) FINISHED all the Work that He has done,
And He ABSTAINED on the SEVENTH DAY from all the work that He had done
And GOD (ELKM) blessed the Seventh Day and He sanctified it….
For in it He ABSTAINED from all His work  that GOD (ELKM) had created, to do.”
(Genesis 1-31; 2 1-3)


On the surface, Moses’ Genesis differs from the Scientific story.  The world, he seems to be saying, was created 5000 years ago in just one week.   Science, in contrast, says that the Universe is 13.7 Billion years old.  But we’ve already learned that Kabbala  sees the Universe as a Six Floors BUILDING, 13 Billion years old, quite close to what Science says.  Each Day of Floor lasted Billions of years.  Man, according to this narrative, is the last tenant in the BUILDING, introduced into the Sixth Floor, with millions of years behind him and millions of years ahead of him.   In other words – Man is the last creature in the Universe before it moves to the next Stage, the Sabbath.

The Sabbath, accordingly, is not just another Floor on top of the Six, but rather a new realty which would wrap the whole BUILDING.  When the Sabbath of CREATION arrives, GOD (ELKM) would Finish His Work as a BUILDER, Finish His Judgment as a JUDGE, ABSTAIN from creating more work or doing more Judgment. On the Sabbath, a new holiness would descend on the Universe, changing the way it works.

The Hebrew verb “shabath” means “abstained”, rather than rested. GOD (ELKM) – the Attribute of JUDGMENT- never rests.  He abstains from doing more judgment and creating more new things.  it is LORD (YHVH) the Attribute of MERCY, who ‘rests’ on our Shabath day.    .

Our human, weekly Sabbath is given to us only to commemorate this “Eternal Sabbath Of The World To Come,” the next Stage of CREATION


According to Moses, when was the decision to make Man made?

The verse places this right after the “Midday Judgment” of the Sixth Day. GOD (ELKM) then said

Let Us Make an Adam in Our Form and Our Image.”

The term “Adam” here is generic for Mankind, rather than for an individual by that name.  Here GOD (ELKM) announces His Plan to make a new species called Adam. This species would occupy the rest of the Sixth Day, or Sixth Floor, as the Universe moves towards the Sabbath era.

Hence, after the Dinosaurs were wiped out, and the huge Crawling creatures like the Giant Snakes were gone  – and prior to the proliferation of Mammals – GOD (ELKM) announced the making of Adam.

“Let us”- it sounds  Plan. And since a Plan may take some time to accomplish, it comes out that the new species called Adam would appear gradually on Earth, over some time, during the rest of the Sixth Day.  By this, Moses concurs with Science that Mankind has gradually appeared on Earth over some time, by stages.   We, knowing history, can relate this statement to the Primitive Men – the Homo Erectus, Homo Neanderthal, and Homo Sapience, us.

(In thestory of Eden, the verse says that GOD LORD formed The Adam from the “dust of the ground.”  It sounds one-time event.  But the story of Eden and the Primordial Sin should be studied in due course- after we’ve comprehended Genesis Chapter One).

Moreover, when GOD (ELKM) said “Let Us make an Adam in Our Form and Our Image – to what Form and Image was he referring?  He, of course, has none! Tradition explains (see Rashi) that when GOD (ELKM) said those words, He had a “Form and Image” of Adam- an IDEAL ADAM- on His mind, that Adam should become. While all other creatures are born ready and quipped to thrive in this world,  Adam would be given the tools and talents necessary to grow himself and become the deal Adam  that the CREATOR had on His Mind.

A proof for that is seen in the verses.  Moses says that at the end of the Sixth Day,

“GOD (ELKM) Judged Everything that He had done 

And Behold, it was Very Good.”

He would judge the entire Six Floors Building- the entire World including Man – whether it has become Very Good.

Thus withe advent of Adam in it, the world would need to become not just good as ever before but rather Very Good.

And since Adam is the only new tenant, it would be up to Adam to make GOD (ELKM) feel Very Good.

How would Adam accomplish this monumental task?

For precisely that,GOD (ELKM) announced HOW He would make Adam.

And He wold make Adam – give him all the tools and talents needed – to become Very Good, become that Ideal Form and Image of him that the CREATOR had on His mind.

Adam would not take that historical  journey alone. “Let Us Make an Adam”- Let me and you, Adam, make the ideal Adam together.” GOD (ELKM) would guide Adam. show him prcisely how to be Very Good.


The first ting that GOD (ELKM) did to teach Adam how to rule over was to summon “everyone present in the room” or mentioned in Chapter One – like the Six Days and more –  and said to all of them-

“Let Us Make an Adam in Our Form and Our Image.”

So they asked: “Why are you consulting with us? Are we not your servants who perform your orders with no discretion? ”

Indeed, during the past Six Days  GOD (ELKM) created things by ORDERS. He said “Let there  be Light,” and light was there. He said :”Let there be grass,” and Grass was there.  He said “Let the Luminaries hang regularly in the sky” and they did.  In other words, He created and ruled as a Dictator, “awesomely alone,”  consulting no one, asking no one’s opinion.  And He had been pleased and said that it was good.  .

But before making Adam, He “softened His tone” and “consulted” others.  He became a Dictator no more.  Instead, He became “A King Who Consults,.  a more democratic King. (In Hebrew the title king, “melech” is reserved to a ruler who nimelach,  who consults his council or his subjects before issuing a decree. )

(This theme is central in the Annual Anniversary of Adam creation, the Rosh Hashana Holiday. GOD (ELKM) “descends” again on that Day from His High Pedestal  – as a JUDGE and a DICTATOR- and sits again ton His Throne of Kingship)

GOD (ELKM) answered: “I consult you to teach Adam how to rule with modesty- that the superior would consult the inferior.”  To be a Very Good ruler, Adam would have to emulate the CREATOR and use the art of listening, consulting.


The second step that GOD ELKM made to make Adam a Very Good ruler was to




GOD With whom did GOD (ELKM) consult to make Adam? Who were the councilors? The verse does not specify, leaving the impression that He consulted with “whoever was in the room” or better said, with “whoever is mentioned in Genesis Chapter One” – either before or after making Adam.

So here is the list of the ‘councilors’ mentioned in Chapter One-

  1. The “Head of the Events” (Beginning)

2. The Six Days

3. Self-Consciousness, Free Will (me and you)

4. The Drive to Be Fruitful and Procreate

5. The Drive to Rule Over

6. The Drive to be Very Good or Very Bad

They all gathered around Him as He announced His decision to make Adam collectively- “In Our Form and Our Image.”

GOD (ELKM) then built a “dummy of Adam” in the ground |(Talmud).  Remember, this happened soon after the Midday Judgment, after the demise of the Dinosaurs. It was still the |Plan stage. For building the dummy  He summoned the councilors and to each one he said- “Let us, me and you, make Adam in our Form and our Image.” he then consulted each one as a BUILDER consulting his master-plan, and made a layer in Adam accordingly. This way He built Adam layer by layer, each consultation providing a level in Adam’s body and mind.

Let’s go over those consultations and see how Adam is built according to |Moses. .


  1. 1. GOD (ELKM) Consulted the Six Days and made Adam


he first councilors to be consulted were the Six Days of CREATION.  To each Day GOD (ELKM) said

““Let Us Make an Adam in Our Form and Our Image.”


He consulted the First Day and made Adam.  Hence Adam is  made of stuff that stars are made of.

He Consulted the Second Day with its Waters Above and Water Below, and made another layer in Adam accordingly. No wonder that our body comprises mostly of waters.

He Consulted the Third Day with its Vegetation, and made another layer in Adam, accordingly. You see that in the way our blood vessels brunch, and our eyes use a sort of  photosynthesis to see.

He Consulted the Fourth Day and it Luminaries, and made another layer in Adam. Since then our body harbors sensitive biologic clocks, and our nervous system can switch from alertness to sleep.

He Consulted the Fifth Day with its Fish, Birds and Crocodiles, and made other layers in Adam. You see this in every human embryo developing in his mother’s uterus.

He Consulted the Sixth Day with its Cattle, Beasts and the Crawling creatures, and made other  layers in Adam. You can still see this in our biology.

The fingerprints of these series of consultations is seen in the way a human embryo develops in the womb. By this, Moses concurs with Science.  Adam is a summary – the apex of the Evolution.

Thus according to Moses, GOD (ELKM) BUILT Adam as an integral part of Nature. we are not alien here. Adam can therefore identify with Nature and be fascinated by it.  This consultation also made Adam able to rule Nature as a “king who consults,” who CAN understand the plights of his subjects.  .



  1. 2. GOD ( ELKM) consulted His Wisdom and made Adam


“At the Head of the Events, (Beginning) GOD (ELKM) created the Heavens and the Earth.” (Genesis 1:1)

Next, GOD (ELKM) consulted “His Head” or the “Wisdom in His Head” by which He had created the world, As he summoned His Wisdom He said to it- “Let Us, me and you, make an Adam in Our Form and Our Image”.

He then Consulted His Wisdom the way a BUILDER consults his plan, and planted a powerful, intelligent mind in Adam. Adam is indeed a Homo Sapience, Wise Man. There would be nothing in |Nature that would evade Adam’s searching mind.

This was already a good dummy, smart, capable of identifying with Nature and understanding the Wisdom how it works.  But that wasn’t enough, since GOD (ELKM) went on with His consultations and said –


3.4. GOD (ELKM) consulted His Self Consiouseness and made Adam


GOD (ELKM) summoned His Self and said –“Let Us, me and you, make an Adam in our Form and Our Image.”

He consulted His Self-Consciousness and planted it in Adam’s mind.

Henceforth Adam is blessed by a strong Self-Consciousness, Free will and a powerful Ego.

Note that unlike other religions’ teaching, Moses teaches that our “self” is real, divine. :

This was truly a good dummy. Yet by planting in it a strong Ego that can grow and become arrogant, GOD (ELKM) wished to teach Adam modesty. This is one of the reasons that He spoke in plural, descending from His ruling “awesomely alone” (Rashi). \without modesty, Adam would be tempted to worship his own self.

Are you not afraid that by speaking in plural, you’ve opened the doors for idolaters to err and think there is more than One CREATOR?” The councilors asked.  After all, serving as councilors imply they had an option of a Dialogue with GOD (ELKM)

“I take the risk and speak in plural, because teaching Adam modesty is paramount!” GOD (ELKM) answered. And the councilors understood that Adam’s Ego would be one of his most powerful Drives.


  5. 6 GOD (ELKM) consulted Passions and Desires and made Adam

Let’s see the verses describing the creation of Adam. |Who else was in the room? The verse says –


“And ELKM created The Adam in His Image, in the Image of ELKM He created him
male and female He created them.

“And ELKM blessed them and said to them
Be fruitful and multiply, filled the Earth and conquer it,
and rule over the Fish…Birds…and all the Beasts…”

After consulting items in the past,GOD (ELKM) turned ‘forwards’ to items mentioned ahead in the Chapter. He would plant them in Adam to drive Adam forwards.

First in the verse appears the Sex Drive – to be fruitful and multiply.

GOD (ELKM) turned to it and said – “Let Us, me and you, make an Adam in Our Form and Our Image.”

He then consulted the Drive to Procreate – like a BUILDER who consults his plan – and planted it in Adam. Moreover, He “Blessed” Adam with it, making it more powerful in Adam than in other creatures of Nature. . Adam is therefore blessed by a perpetual Sex Drive that is independent on seasons. It would dominate his life and propel him forwards to achieve our goals- as Sigmund Freud says.


GOD (ELKM) then turned to another Drive mentioned in the text – the Drive to Rule Over- and said to it- “Let us, me and you, make an Adam in our Form and our Image.”

He consulted the Drive to Rule Over and made by it another layer in Adam. He then Blessed Adam with it, making it more powerful than found in Nature. Our Drive for Power would dominate our lives and pushes us forwards to create and leave a legacy.  So here Moses concurs with Carl Jung.

Note that in Nature, these two Drives- to Procreate and Rule Over- are  intertwined. You see that in the way males compet for the females. But in Man, these two drives are extremely powerful, propelling our entire lives forwards. . .

The question arises- which of the two Drives is more powerful? Since  Moses places the Drive for Power ahead of the Drive to Procreate, we can say that he thinks that the Drive for Power is the most dominant. Aafter all, when you have two horses to pull a sunken wagon, you’d put the strongest horse ahead .

So far, Moses concurs beautifully with Science about Man.  Who told him the story?

Having established his credibility, does Moses have something to add about Adam, that Science does not and would not say?



7. What does Moses add  about Adam?


What does Moses add about Adam, that Science does not and would not say? We better listen to Moses; he has proven very credible.

 First, Moses adds that we are not here incidentally.   GOD (ELKM) the JUDGE made us – like all other creatures- for JUDGMENT.   During the six Days, He came, Day by Day, at the end of each Day (besides the 2nd) and JUDGED whether or not it was good.  If the Day – or its tenants- was deemed good, He would allow it or its  tenants to endure and enter the next Day.  Those He deemed “not good anymore,” He would eliminate or ‘finish’ to nothingness, with no MERCY.   After all, GOD (ELKM,) – he Attribute of Justice – udged the Six Days with Absolute Justice, with no regard to other moral argument.

In that sense, Adam is no different than all other creatures, since he  too was made by GOD (ELKM) for Judgment.  Only that before making Adam, GOD (ELKM) changed His tone and spoke in plural, becoming less harsh, more open to listen to the plight of Man.  Adam , Moses says, was made by an “attenuated” Attribute of JUDGMENT, open more to a dialogue, open more to offer Adam a Free Will. In that sense, Adam differs from all other creatures in Nature.

Thus Adam is made by the All Mighty JUDGE GOD (ELKM) for JUDGMENT.  But what exactly is Adam’s JUDGMENT?

Since Adam is made as the last tenant in the Sixth Floor, before the Sabbath, Adam ‘s Judgment coincides with the judgment of the Day.  Now  at the end of the Sixth Day the verse says –

“And GOD (ELKM) saw EVERYTHING that He had done,

And behold- it was VERY GOOD.

At the end of the Sixth Day, our Day of CREATION, GOD (ELKM) would judge “everything that he had done,” the entire Six Floors BUILDING.

This presents a big change.  Previously He judged one Day at a time, but  at the end of our Day He would judge the whole Six Floors BUILDING, the entire Universe!

It would be the so-called End of Days’ Judgment.

And  another big change. Whereas in the past, GOD (ELKM) was happy with a ‘good’ verdict, at the end of our Sixth Day He would seek a ‘Very Good’ verdict.   Since Adam is the only new tenant on the Floor, it would be up to Adam to make GOD (ELKM) Feel Very Good.

So let us write this down: Adam Judgment is to make GOD (ELKM) Feel Very Good.

But how? All the talents that Adam is blessed with – his mind, logic, ego, passions, droves, music, art, could make him only ‘good’ in GOD (ELKM) eyes. Because each of the consultations so far, each layer in Adam, could make him “good” at most. What then would make Adam seen Very Good? Or better- What should Adam do to make the CREATOR feel Very Good?

Moses gives us the answer. GOD (ELKM)  would Feel Very Good when He enter the Sabbath. .

Not only because He would, on the Sabbath, cease (abstain) from doing more work and more judgment,

But rather because He would “meet” and “enjoy” the Sabbath herself, or better – the presence of another  Attribute of the Infinite CREATOR, that Rules over the Sabbath-Her Name is LORD (Y*H*V*H) and  She  stands for MERCY, COMPASSION, FORGIVENESS and HOLINESS ,  something that our Universe lacks so much under the Attribute ELKM

He could of course enter the Sabbath by Himself, leaving the world behind Him.  Since no creature created so far could comprehend MERCY and COMPASSION, none would be able to enter the Sabbath.  But leaving the Universe behind, would mean  it would perish, ‘finished. ‘ In fact, He had done just that to numerous other Universes before.

But this time, in His Kindness, GOD (ELKM) decided to offer our Universe a chance to survive and enter with Him into the Sabbath.

But first,  our Universe should have someone in it capable of perceiving the LORD (YHVH’s)  MERCY, COMPASSION and FORGIVENESS ,and do Her work.


GOD (ELKM) then made his last Consultation.

Turning to the Attribute of MERCY- LORD (YHVH) – Who Reigns over the Sabbath He said to Her-

“Would you join me to rule the world?” (Rashi)

As Powerful as She is, the Merciful LORD (YHVH) entered our world as a thin Ray of Light, or a shy Dove or a beautiful cherub.  (see the supplement where it is shown in the verses)

Observing our world – not unlike a Bride entering her groom’s home the first time- She said:

“How can I rule your world, ELKM, where  I see no room for my Wing to rest, no heart for me to enter and Dwell!  Where no one can comprehend me!”

Indeed,would the spider, the crocodile, the serpent perceive Her?

He said-  :“Let Us, me and you, make Adam in Our Form and Our Image.”


He meant- Let us make together a child, Adam.

He would comprehend Me and You.

I would equip him with everything needed to excel in my world, so that he could be ‘good’

and I would carve out a room in his heart capable of perceiving You

In His heart, You would Dwell, if he admits you in.

From his heart he would spread Your MERCY, COMPASSION and FORGIVENESS into my world, if  he accepts my advice.

GOD (ELKM) would only carve out a room for YHVH in Adam’s heart.  He – the Attribute of Judgment- would not fill Adam’s heart with MERCY, since this is not what He does. Indeed, MERCY is not present in Nature.  It would be up to Adam to fill his heart with the presence and content of YHVH

“Let us make an Adam in Our Form and Our Image”- HE said to HER: let us help Adam to be the ideal one, whose “image and form” I have on my mind.  This ideal Adam would unite us in his mind, heart and deeds. .

If he unite us,  he would be “Very Good” in our eyes. I would ‘finish’ or end my work, and entire your Sabbath along with the entire Universe. .

If he fails to unite us,  he would be “very bad” in my eyes. I would ‘finish’ or terminate him and the entire world, as I had done to other Universes before!

Both said: We’ll give him a Torah that would guide him to unite JUDGMENT with MERCY. and become Very Good in Our eyes!


It is said  that after their dialogue, the Attributes held Wing against Wing, like two Cherubs in Love, and together  they flew over CREATION and Consolidated it by their Oneness. (As told by the Psalm chanted by the Levite Choir each Fridays at the Holy Temple)

The two  Golden Cherubs that Moses placed on the Holy Ark had faces of a Bride and a Groom looking at each other with love, their  wings touching each other. .

Henceforth, for Adam to be Very Good, he would have to comply with the demands of the two Attributes- YHVH and ELKM. 

He would have to win GOD (ELKM) Laws and be deemed “righteous”

And win the LORD’s (YHVH) heart and “find face in Her eyes” (like Noah,)

If He fails GOD (ELKM) Judgment he is a sinner

If he fails the LORD (YHVH) eyes he is “evil.”

An evil person is indifferent to other people’s suffering, or worst- is cruel.




GOD (ELKM) would carve out a room in Adam’s heart capable of harboring MERCY, COMPASSION and FORGIVENESS.  it can harbor the opposite- Evil.

Adam must keep the Dove in his heart since She has no Place to Dwell anywhere else in ELKM’s world.

The Dove is very modest and sensitive.. The moment She fees rejected, She would fly away back to Her domain, the Sabbath, leaving us in the Hands of the JUDGE ELKM who wouldn’t hesitate to terminate us.

So unlike Science, Moses says that Adam is distinguished not by our mind, but rather by our ability to comprehend and perform MERCY, COMPASSION and FORGIVENESS.

It is that talent o  us that gives us the advantage over the other creatures.

Because of that talent, we are still alive. 

Without that talent, we ‘d  end  like the Dinosaurs. 


 Carving out a room in Adam

After the above consultations were over, GOD (ELKM) began building Adam on real Earth.

As the verse says, He first built Adam in His image. He planted in Adam the seeds of everything that would make Adam good. –

Then He changed the climate in Adam’s favor, so that Mammals could now grow.

Why Mammals?

Because Mammals- of all creatures- exhibit COMPASSION to their offspring.

it is first shown only to the offspring, as a natural way to protect the species and allow it to grow in number.

But gradually, this small compassion to the offspring would grow to compassion to other members of the species.  Still, a part of natural reflex of survival.

But with that, a room is carved out in Large Apes then in Primitive Men to exhibit MERCY and COMPASSION for their own sake.

It would be only in us, Homo Sapience, that this room  is capable of growing and spread into the word.


Thus Moses concurs with Science that after the Dinosaurs were gone, the room opened up for Mammals. But the reason for their blessing and growth was not a chemical in the mother’s milk, but rather the mother’s compassion.

A proof? We relate to the LORD (YHVH) in female gender, as “She”; while ELKM is “He.”  This is because in Hebrew, MERCY is “ra-kha-mim,” a word derived from re-khem, a WOMB.

.  .

Indeed, the first human to see LORD (YHVH) in full glory alone, without ELKM by Her side, was Eve After giving birth to her firstborn son Cain, she said-

“I have bought a man with the LORD (YVH).”

Here, the rabbis noticed, Eve mentions YHVH  alone, the first time ever.

Holding her first baby in her bosom, her blood flushed with gushing hormones, a surge of COMPASSION, LOVE and Hope flooding her heart, our mother Eve saw and felt what the LORD (YHVH) feels for us.

So Moses tells us in Genesis a neat, clean story about CREATION, Man and the CREATOR.  the story is factual, with no Angels,  no Demons,  no Satan, no sexual perversions and power struggle between gods.  It is a story perfectly compatible with our science, one  that makes sense.   We stand in awe – how could  Moses write it, 3500 years ago? who told it to him?


A Supplement

YHVH’s first appearance in the text

You can see in the text how YHVH enters- as an Acronym – from the Sabbath into our Sixth Day.

At the end of the Sixth Day it is said –


And ELKM said let us make an Adam in Our Form and Our Image

And ELKM saw that it was Very Good.

Y-om  (Day)

H ashssi (Sixth)

………………...The Sabbath begins

V–ayechulu (they ended)

H-ashamayim and the Earth (the Heavens and the Earth

And all their hosts...


Here the red color signifies the world of ELKM

the blue color signifies the world of YHVH

The part of YHVH- YH- that enters and dwells in our world, is called Yah (like in Jerema-yah)

She is “The Dweller,” Shekhinah in Hebrew.

YHVH – an acronym- appears first as such, an acronym.

She bridges the gap between the Sixth Day and the Sabbath.

Her presence here is like a Lighthouse giving the Universe a direction to go- to Her shores, the Eternal Sabbath

If YHVH retracts back to Her Domain, the Universe would  be lost in the Super Space and be eliminated